Duncan's Profile

Headshot Duncan A 2017


A commanding voice, resonant, thrustworthy, reassuring and intimate.



Recent Voiceover Work

  • Corporate: Exxon Mobil - Various Videos for the Circle of Excellence Award program.

  • Commercial: Radio advertisements at Premier Radio.

  • Narrative: RNIB Talking Books Actor.

Spot CV Duncan Alldridge

  • 25 years acting and performance experience. 

  • Voice and performance coach. Improvisation and movement teacher.

  • Recording artist, singer and with good experience of recording and microphone technique.

  • Wide experience in workshop facilitation, improvisation and public presentation.

  • Professional background 20 years teaching drama and theatre in schools and colleges. MA Drama.

Founder and CEO at Playing on the Edge Improvisation: Leadership and Team Building Programmes.





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