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Cornelia Colman 2018 c


“The kind of voice you could listen to for hours”.

It is engaging, smooth, velvety, rich and mellow.


Although she is English, she has had frequent global and multicultural language exposure, with parents originating from Africa and relatives and friends from Australia, America, Brazil, France, Spain and The Caribbean. This makes her a very versatile voice actor. She has a unique and interesting background. She was born in Kingsbury, United Kingdom and brought up in Kent.

Initially she trained as a Government Food Scientist then a Chemistry and Sports Teacher as well as a club level Swimming Coach. Throughout these careers her continuous and persistent love of the creative arts and media has seen her both modelling and acting on television and radio.

Her scientific, educational background leads itself to informative, knowledgeable, confident, passionate and articulate e-learning voice overs.

She is now a full time experienced Voice Actor, Hand Model, and Actor, whose clients include The Global Forum for Agricultural Research, Marlowe FM Radio, Vodafone, Sky, FedEx, Nespresso, Plenty and McCains. She is the face of a recent ITV Rugby World Cup campaign, and frequently appears on television and featured on the One Show with Harvey Weinstein, where she won an award.

When she is not busy recording she can be found weight training, in a Zumba or Yoga class, or walking among the volcanoes of Lanzarote.





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