Olivia's Profile

Olivia F 2018


A versatile voice artist, singer and songwriter.


A bright, re-assuring, honest and warm voice - native British and French speaker.


Olivia is skilled in commercials, narrative and corporate texts.

She is also sensitive in using voice subtleties to engage people including on a below-conscious level.


News Reader in New Zealand (Fresh FM Golden Bay) and voice over on a diversity of articles for the Talking Art of living Magazine and News Bulletin SGI-UK.


Singer and Actor in Theatre Productions in Paris (The Brothel Project, Baraka Theatre) and London (‘One flew over the Cukoo’s Nest’, Empatheyes Theatre - which made the London Fringe Theatre Awards).

Story-teller and teacher - with extensive experience engaging children through story-telling and educational games (Thames Explorer Trust, London).


As a singer and songwriter, she has performed and written a diversity of works for both live and recorded projects. Her songs have been published, synchronised to television productions, broadcasted and placed on worldwide playlists including BBC, Hilton Hotels, Cafe Nero and TK Maxx.

Live performances include original material and Jazz at Pizza Express, London, amongst many.





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