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Acting, Rose Bruford College, 2018-2020

LAMDA Acting – Solo, Grade 8 Merit

Comedy Worskhop, Kate Smurthwaite, Uni. Warwick


Experience, RBC:


Role                                                                 Play                                                                                   Director


Narrator                                                            Every Brilliant Thing                                                         Jade Allen


Mrs Linde                                                         A Doll’s House                                                                   Tony James

Myself                                                             The Power (Excerpt)                                                          Jade Allen

Myself                                                              To a Fish (Verse)                                                               Jade Allen



Experience outside RBC:


Role                                         Play                                                  Director                                             Location                                             

Voice                                        Rumblestrip                                      Paul Eastwood                           G39 Gallery, Cardiff


Film / TV:

Role                                         Production                                                  Director     

Strange Girl                              GUCCI Beauty Network                                Sean Vegezzi                               London

Party guest                               Student film                                                Abigail Quinlan                           London

Ramona Mithkah                       A Case of Making the Knife Fit the Wound     Graeme Cole                       Llanberis, Wales



Languages:  English (native), Welsh (native), French (proficient), German (intermediate), BSL (basic)

Accents:  English RP (native), Cockney (proficient), Northern (proficient), Liverpool (proficient), Welsh-North (native), Welsh-South (proficient), Irish-Dublin (basic), Scottish-Glasgow (proficient), French (proficient), German (proficient), American-Midwest (proficient), Australian (basic), Russian (basic)


Piano (Grade 7), Guitar (basic), Choral Soprano F3-Bb5.



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