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Susheel K headshot by John Cooper 2020


Headshot by John Cooper



Bright, friendly, natural and reassuring native Scottish voice-over artist



If you are looking for a brightfriendlynatural and reassuring native Scottish voice-over artist you have come to the right place! Susheel has been a voice-over artist for 15 years regularly found on BBC Radio 4 on a number of shows and sitcoms.


His voice would be perfect for commercialsnarrationsaudiobooksexplainersIVRsmuseum audio guidese-learning courses and television continuity.


Of course having worked as an actor for a number of years he is available for character work (dramavideo gamesanimations and cartoons).


He can also provide work in a near natural Indian (English) accent.


Many satisfied clients such as BBC, UEFA, CollectPlus, Mastercard, Audible and more!



Working closely with you he will go through your project in detail ensuring he provides you with what you are looking for. Working from a home studio he can ensure your project will be professionally recorded and delivered to you in a timely manner.




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