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Silas Hawkins BW-NOV 2014-r1


Silas is a contortionist of the voice. Ask him and he will do it.


Accents, voices you name it and he will have a go.


A very impressive performer who seems to have voiced everything that requires voicing.








Ants (wildlife documentary)

Steve Selwyn

Ghanaian conference


Richard Branson, Mouse, Vulture


Justin Hustlin
Elinor D. Perry-Smith
rec. The Dairy Studio,Tunstall rd.,Br...


Narrator VO
Voice Over


Latin Music USA
Jeremy Marre


Molinaire,16 D'Arblay st.


Philip K.Dick, Ivan the Terrible & Harry Harlow
Rehearsed Reading


Gail Pickering


Event Horizon
The Royal Academy of Arts,Burlington ...

2007 - 2008

Stuffy, Middle-aged Presenter TV


Movie Award Idents




Zen Master
Voice Over


Fist of Zen


recorded at Blue,Old Compton st.


Foodie Husband
Film (Feature)


Cash and Curry
Sarjit Bains


Jaffa Entertainment in assoc with GhettoVision

2006 - 2007

Old Cockney Narrator
Voice Over


Life Goes On
Trevor Hardy


Fool Hardy Films

2006 - 2007

Reynolds (smug,smarmy lawyer) Film (Feature)


Cold Earth


Bridgeway Productions

2005 - 2007

Narration/Characters/Songs Theatre


Little Pervy-on-the-Quiet


(in association with the Teak Show and the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre)
The Comedy Pub, Piccadilly (and other ...

2006 - 2007

All the male characters
Voice Over


series of satirical podcasts for The Register website
Lester Haines
Cut Glass Studios, Crouch End, London

2006 - 2007

Narrator (and occasional character voices) Voice Over


Perplex City (series of podcasts)
David Varella
Mind Candy,Battersea,London

2004 - 2007

(many different characters)
Voice Over


(Talking Books)
Ruslan Fedorovsky
Green Lane Studio, Amersham, Middx.

2003 - 2007

All Characters
Voice Over


Summerton Mill (Animated Childrens Series) Pete Bryden and Ed Cookson of Summerton Mill Productions


BBC Television
Colin Sanders Innovation Centre, Banbury

2004 - 2005

Bob the talking cyberdog and Pharm
Voice Over


Rogue Farm (a Scottish,Manga-style animation) Mark Bender and Garry Marshall


Scottish Television
Savalas Studios, Glasgow

2003 - 2004

Film (Feature)


Ritual Magic
Jeremy Robinson


Ocean Palace Entertainment

2003 - 2004

Stu Pidman, a very annoying radio broadcaster
Voice Over


'Drive Time' a short, CGI animation
Nick Forshaw


Weakend Productions
Compelreach Studios, Guildford

2003 - 2004

Donald Sinden-esque VO


'Dingbats' Cinema Ad. Mathilda Gill


Bitch Productions

2002 - 2003

Dr. Dalkran Vukodlakevic
Film (Feature)


Nine Days of Hell
Martin Stitt


Sprig Productions

2002 - 2003

Police Sergeant Joyce
Film (Short)


Day of Reckoning



2002 - 2003

Mr Milton (weedy Green politician)
Film (Feature)


The Ultimate Truth
Tom Swanston


Wysiwyg Productions

2002 - 2003

A myriad fairy-tale and Sci-Fi characters rendered in 4 different languages Voice Over


Haven - Call of the King and Defender
Emma Murphy


Savalas Ltd.,Glasgow/Midway Games (U.S.A.)
Savalas Studios, Glasgow

2002 - 2003

Larry, Iago, Lear, Polonius and Duncan


How to Avoid a Tragedy
Adrian Peck


Hydrae Productions
the Tabard Theatre, Chiswick

1999 - 2000

Mr Thornhill (the boss from hell)
Film (LB)


The Montpellier Exchange


Fireworks Films

1998 - 1999

Butcher Beynon
Film (Feature)


Under Milk Wood
Joe Flinton


Flinton Films

1996 - 1997

Sir Joshua Ripplevale
Film (Short)


Thomas Taubman


Mad on Arrival Productions/Nosmafilms




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