Workshops and Talks Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from attendees to my workshops November 2019


(This was a combined Level 1 and Level 2 workshop with L1 being an introduction to voice-over

and L2 involving a translation and recording to picture following a guide track)



"I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the course on Saturday, it opened my mind to new possibilities and capabilities. I will definitely start practising every day – will try and do both languages every day.

In a few weeks time, when I feel confident enough, I will get in touch to arrange a session to produce some demos, or at least for you to assess if I am ready for it."

Gemma Catalan and Spanish linguist


J'ai beaucoup apprécie le cours hier et je voudrais vraiment diversifier mon travail et devenir une "voice-over artist".

Chiara Italian, English, French and Spanish Linguist



Workshops and Talks Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from attendees to my workshops March 2019:


"It was lovely to meet you on Saturday. I really enjoyed the day and gained a lot more understanding of voice over work.

Thank you for sending the recording and book receipt. It is good to have a listen back and to have a starting point to practice from.

Saturday gave me much needed confidence and I have taken back the things I need to work on. Didn’t realise how much ‘extra’ noise I can make, which is something I need to be aware of and work on.

I am looking forward to reading your book and definitely will be in touch when I feel I am ready to record a demo,


All the best and have a good week, will be in touch soon,




Amita (actress)


"Thank you for sending the recording so quickly and for your feedback, which I appreciate. I really enjoyed your workshop yesterday and would like to pursue this path. I will practice reading for the next month or more. Do you think I would then be able to do a demo and if so, could I do it with you?

Many thanks, 

Lydia Viktoria Breite"
English to German Translator




Here are some testimonials from attendees to my workshops October 2018:


"I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of both days and found your insight, honesty and experience immensely helpful. I had no idea what to expect, how I would take to it or indeed whether I could actually do it! It surpassed my expectations and I really would like to consider proceeding with voiceover work.

I’m going to speak to a few local studios to find out how they work and may even offer to do a couple of jobs at a bonus low price to get some experience and find my feet. I’ll consider my options for showreel content too.

Thanks again to you both for the warm welcome and for sharing your extensive knowledge."

(Nerys: Welsh translator and interpreter soon to be a VOICE!)


"The workshop was very useful. I also had some time yesterday to have a look at the contents of your book. I am sure it contains lots of valuable tips.

I am very thankful that you showed me the difference between my two "voices". I also struggled with that during my conference interpreting studies. Now,

I am going to practice more and I will want to make a demo with you later.

Thank you once again for your hard work with us!"

(Natalija: Russian Translator and Interpreter)


"I enjoyed the course very much and it was a pleasure meeting you. However, after listening to my recording, I don't think I would pursue a career in this field. Apart from the issues regarding my current reading skills, I also think my voice is rather too distinctive and, to be honest, not suitable for voice-over."

(Adnez: Brazilian translator and interpreter - MA Bsc MCIoL DipTrans NRPSI DPSI)





In April 2016 Daniel hosted 4 workshops on behalf of the CIoL and of Atlas Translations for Level 1 and Level 2


Here are some of the testimonials from the participants




Thank you for the recordings and the fantastic class!

I will do my best to improve my reading.

Thank you for your help and valuable advice

(Maria Senior MA(Dist), DPSI, RPSI #16242)




Thank you again for Sunday - I really enjoyed the Level 2 workshop. 

I will probably get in touch soon, once I have prepared some texts for recording a voice-over showreel.


All the best,




I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks very much for your fabulous tuition and insight at the voiceover workshop on Saturday. It was a pleasure to meet you (and your lovely wife) and fascinating to hear about all your years of experience. I have already been practising with my pencil between my teeth - a tip that my 8 year old son thinks is marvellous!

Having attended the session I feel that I would very much enjoy the work and the variety and would be interested to explore the next steps required to work towards producing a demo recording of the required quality.

I look forward to hearing from you and your suggestions of the best way to proceed.

Debbie Godfrey



Thank you for the recordings. I really enjoyed the course.

I am going to continue looking into the industry further, and may be in touch soon RE making a demo.




Many thanks for Sunday - and for the recording. lot to learn...

Hanna Heffner







Daniel hosted two worshops on 31st October and 1st November 2015 on voicing and here are some feedback he received:



The workshops were organised by Atlas Translations and Stefania wrote: "We did have really good feedbacks indeed from the people who attended the course last weekend and I’m also happy that you enjoyed it as well."

(Stefania Atlas Translations)


And now for some testimonial from the participants:


"It was a pleasure meeting you.

Thank you for a most informative workshop, I enjoyed it a lot. The workshop was very professionally presented, it was very valuable for me from the educational point of view and it was great fun too!

Reading the texts into the microphone was very difficult for me - more difficult that I had imagined it would be. 

I hope I will be able to develop my voice over skills and feel more relaxed during recording sessions to become a strong professional in this area. "

(Maria MA(Dist), DPSI, RPSI

Freelance Interpreter and Translator (Russian - English), DPSI Tutor)


"Thank you very much for the recording, your advice and everything you have managed to teach us during your fascinating workshop.

I have been practising for the second day now and I am inclined to think that I have figured out how to regulate the breathing. It seems that the more energy and enthusiasm I generate whilst speaking the more breathing capacity and clarity in pronunciation happen."


Russian, Ukrainian<>English Interpreter/Translator




"Many thanks for this and also for the enjoyable day at your house/studio.  It was nice to meet Sylvia too.

Thank you for the kind comments - I will have to work on my voice and read a lot, Hungarian has a lot of hard consonants and I could hear that I was not always able to keep this up. It needs a lot of practice."

(Hanna MCIoL)



"Thank you very much for sharing your experience and giving us priceless tips to develop our voice-over skills. It is a great pleasure to have met you, and I vastly enjoyed your teaching course. Now I know what I have to do, so I will practice my Lithuanian every day. You were right on the spot when you mentioned about my lack of reading in Lithuanian and I will concentrate on this now. 

Your book is a fantastic read, and I find it very useful as well!


(Roman BENG, MCIoL, NRPSI, APCI Lithuanian-Russian-English)


Daniel run a two day worshop in April 2015 on voicing and here are some feedback he received:



"It was a great honour to make your acquaintance. Thank you so much for the experience. Informative, concise, straight to the point. I thoroughly enjoyed these two days.

Thank you for your advice. Having listened to my recordings I can see I have a lot to do and, believe, worked out what is wrong with my mouth! Need to sort that out."

(Albina- Russian)




"Thank you also for a highly enjoyable  and very informative workshop (I especially enjoyed  being able to try speaking to video)!"




"Many thanks for your hard work and patience. I am also grateful for the warm hosting you and Silvia offered us.I am definitely interested in pursuing this further so I am definitely going to put some practice into this. "



"I would like to say thank you to Daniel for the great 2-day course.I have learnt a lot during our practical training. I am going to take on board all directions and suggestions made by Daniel.In fact, I have got a clearer picture of the VO industry now and what I have to do in the future."




On 23rd October 2014 Daniel went to the University of East Anglia to deliver a talk.



Many thanks again for such stimulating talks and valuable contribution to our Public Lectures.

(Dr Leticia Yulita - Lecturer in Spanish)



Thank YOU Daniel! Both your presentations have been very stimulating for our students and for us. I am glad that you found them engaged and lively!

(Dr Marie-Noëlle Guillot

Senior Lecturer in French, Linguistics and Translation Studies

School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

University of East Anglia)






Daniel gave a speech on 4th July 2013 at the Atlas Translations Open Day and the feedback was as follows:



Thanks again for coming to do a speech at our Open Day last week. It was lovely to see you again. I’m just going through all of the feedback forms and thought you might like to see some of the feedback about your speech:





Interesting + useful


Very interesting


Great speaker


So as you can see – we all enjoyed it very much!

Thanks again from all of us at Atlas


Anna Davies

(Atlas Translations Manager)



Many thanks Daniel. From those I’ve heard back from so far, the students all enjoyed themselves and felt like the course was a valuable experience, so thank you for providing it.


Jim Hearn

(Atlas Translations Project Manager )

15th May 2013


Daniel will be talking about translating the Spoken as opposed to the Written word in that webinar organised by the ITI on 19th June 2012.


Translating the Spoken Word



In our modern society, communication using paper as a support is being replaced by verbal forms of communication. This trend has been increasing exponentially since the advent of radio over a hundred years ago. Training and marketing make full use of the "spoken" word, and applications include prompts for telephone systems, airline announcements, GPS/navigation systems and many more.  The market being global, the number of requests for translators’ services is mounting.


In most languages, the "spoken" form is different from the "written" one. A listener will only hear the narration once, the opportunity to go back to the beginning of the sentence is simply not available. However, until very recently translators were neither made aware of this, nor trained well enough in translating the “spoken” word to achieve the required standard. The pitfalls are numerous. The most obvious one, especially when the source language is English, is the over-long script in the target language. The remedy is to stop translating every single word and to translate the ideas; this requires serious training and a lot of confidence on the part of the translator. The style needs to be "spoken", with short, precise sentences. The gender of the speaker needs to be known as gender mistakes can be quite hilarious or misleading if the wrong "voice" reads the script. And of course, the translator needs to be aware of the target audience, to adopt the right tone in order to communicate meaningfully. There are of course many other tricks that I have learnt over the years to make sure a translation works for the "voice" in the recording studio.


Once all the above points and more have been taken into consideration by the translator, the translation becomes usable in the studio and the "voice" can concentrate one hundred per cent on the performance and therefore produce a very good voice-over.


For more info on the Webinar click here


Language with Business 4th April 2012

Futurewise organise an event for budding linguists.

The visitors will meet professionals who have used languages in their life to great advantage.

They will be able to ask questions in an informal way and also watch presentations.

Daniel will be circulating amongst the visitors and then give a presentation.




 In January 2012 Daniel run a Webinar for eCPD and then received the following comments:


Thank you for providing this very interesting training about Voice-overs this morning. I have made some notes, and will make sure I read a page every day, from now on - as a New Year resolution, in order to train my voice.


(Fabienne Coupe

DPSI French - Local Government option (overall Dist.), DPSI Italian - Law option (3 Dist. and 1 Merit), 

IoL Translation Diploma (Business Unit), City & Guilds 7302 Certificate in Delivering Training
Member of NRPSI, NWTN, IoL, Proz, AIPTI, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Associate Member of ITI)



The Webinar Organiser wrote:


Well done and thank you for an excellent webinar.
I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I learnt a lot. I especially liked your use of humour and the examples, which had me chuckling at my screen. The comments from the attendees during the session were very positive too.
I do hope you enjoyed the experience. I appreciate webinars are not as interactive as a face-to-face audience, but your considerable experience clearly stood you in good stead.


Sarah Dillon BA (Hons) MA MCIL
Marketing and Communications Director, eCPD Ltd | Brisbane, Australia (GMT +10)



“A very enjoyable workshop given by an expert. I would recommend it”

“I enjoyed this course very much. I'll keep an eye open for any future workshops in this field and I'd hopefully like to return soon to record a demo!"


Tatiana Gordeeva attended the workshop held on 12th June 2010 and wrote: "I'm writing in order to say how glad I am that I did manage to get a place at your voice-over workshop last Saturday, which was very interesting, well-organised and inspiring. I learnt a lot within those few hours. I've already started practising and reading your book. Once again thank you very much for the warm welcome and for the marvellous workshop."



"Thanks very much for the fantastic insight into the

World of the Voice-over

through an inspiring workshop"

(Christian from Germany)



And here is what Rebecca Parker had to write about it:


Voice-over Workshop
The day-long course was led by Daniel Pageon in his lovingly built studio. I was part of a group of five participants who all had a background in translating into their native tongues (German, Russian, Portuguese and English). As well as gaining valuable tips and savoir faire for translating text specifically for voice-over, we were all given the opportunity to get our hands dirty, as it were, by recording our own voices for group evaluation.

The feed-back was very useful and helped me to listen to my own speaking technique with a more critical ear. One of the most useful aspects of this exercise was to reduce the unwanted noises created when breathing and even opening one's mouth. In everyday conversation we take this for granted, but the mic acts like a magnifying glass, highlighting even the tiniest of noises.

There are so many considerations when it comes to voice-over and now I feel better equipped to tackle them and incorporate this knowledge into my translation strategies when working on a text destined for the spoken word.

And here the link to her blog where you can find more about Rebecca and her work:

Click here to access Rebecca's blog

"Just to let you know, my first voice-over recording last week went very well:)
It was a short voice-to-picture corporate thing, but you obviously trained me well cause I didn't have any problem with it, got it done very quickly and enjoyed it!"
Luisa Zamboni
Italian Subtitler, Translator and Voiceover Artist 

23rd September 2009



Recording to Pictures 18 November 2006


Milada Cogginsová Zajíčková wrote:

Daniel emailed us in advance a web link, where we could download an advertising film about Absolut Vodka.  We also received a script in English for which we had to prepare a translation into our mother tongue languages.

The studio set up was such that Daniel and Charlie were operating the recording equipment from one large room upstairs where we could all sit and observe and learn by watching others.  The reading was done by each of us in a sound-proofed booth where we could also hear back any comments and instructions.  Daniel and Charlie were absolutely fantastic, making the whole experience fun, giving us instructions, encouragement and feedback about our performance.  They also gave us many useful tips on how to improve our voice and reading style.  All of those tips will be in Daniel's new book called “The World of the Voice-Over – Writing, adapting and translating scripts; training the voice; building a studio”.  The book should be published at the beginning of next year.  I will certainly get a copy as soon as it is available.

When I arrived at the studio in the afternoon there were people doing various languages but we all had one common task: to read the script with confidence, enthusiasm and also at the right speed, maintaining good timing over the existing English narrative, avoiding making noises such as rustling with the paper, clicking with the mouth, heavy breathing or losing the enthusiasm and the level of the voice.  Until I sat in the soundproof booth with headphones on my ears, I thought: How hard can this be?  But it is.  Doing all of those things at once does require lots of energy and concentration.

For those who have attended Daniel's previous workshop in February, it was great to see how much improvement they had made with practice over the last few months. For me it was a very good experience and I am determined to follow Daniel's advice and practise reading aloud every day. The atmosphere within the studio was very pleasant with humour and laughter but also well focused on the performance each of us gave. I would say that it was a brilliant way to learn.


Katie Belo dos Santos wrote:

Judith Hayward (coordinator of the ITI Media, Arts and Tourism Network), Daniel (Actors World Productions) and Charlie (Sound Engineer) are to be congratulated for organizing the workshop “Recording to Pictures” on the 18/11/2006 in London.

16 participants had the opportunity to prepare a script at home, which was given beforehand along with a film, translate it into their own language and record a few minutes to picture in the studio.

The participants, some with more experience than others, observed the others, followed instructions recorded and re-recorded and, most important; everyone received advice on how to improve their performance.

A few days after the event, each of the participants received an email from Daniel with written feedback about the recording and a MP3 attached with our own voice recorded.

I learnt a lot…



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