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Mark Nelson Headshot 2015



A warm and pleasant natural voice providing natural & character voices...



Mark is a voiceover artist with over 15 years track record of providing natural & character voices for broadcasting, advertising and the computer games industries. 


He is also a BBC-trained presenter and has appeared in numerous BBC World Service radio broadcasts as well as a formal translation narrative for BBC Radio 4’s ‘ ‘Outlook’ programme for a feature on Burmese listeners. 


His warm and pleasant natural voice has appeared in many online promos (for Café Corso, an Aldershot promo) and for several company demonstration software websites such as GoSouthGo’s ‘2012-Olympic bid’ site. 


He also provides a wide range of character voices and indeed was the voice in the Virgin Trains’ Big Train’ ad campaign (for Soundlounge) and the crooning singer (for The Sync Agency) in the Mini Countryman(non-UK) ad campaign. He also contributed a wide variety of cartoon voices for the computer gaming industry such as ‘Popeye’ ‘Wacky Races’& ‘Pirates’ for Bell Fruit games and in comedy sketches for 'The Mike Trousers Show' (comedy series broadcast on the Student Broadcast Network and Glastonbury FM).  




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