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A new young voice has joined our stable of talents!


Story telling, audiobooks, commercials and corporate and more.





Born in Kenya to a Russian Mother and an English Father, and educated in Anthropology at Durham University, before finally settling into a life in London, Phillipe's passion for storytelling has been the one constant throughout his years.

With a clear and sincere voice, perfect for audiobooks, advertisements and corporate audio work alike, Phillipe has worked with BBC Radio on a local radio play about the Magna Carta (2015) playing a variety of roles, and has read audiobooks of A Christmas Carol and other ghost stories.



Not consigned solely to radio work, however, he has also performed on stage in new work, including Dreamcatcher by Kashyap Raja, and an adaptation of a staged, sell-out production Eric by Terry Pratchett.

He also enjoys performing more classic works, and has recently performed to rave reviews as Algernon in The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, Lysander in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night; Or, What You Will.



The Importance of Being Earnest

..."Phillipe Bosher, playing the sharp tongued Algernon, took the stage with fitting frivolity and used the enormous energy of the audience to his advantage. He showed a particular agility of figure and of phrase, quick footed and quick witted, he was the driving force of the first Act. Chaz Pitman also gave a solid performance and presented an affable Jack Worthing. Pitman had a simple, boyish charm, which played well off Bosher's debonair and devious Algernon. The quick repartee between Pitman and Bosher was well managed and timed with Bosher gliding competently over Wilde's tongue twisting lines. He quickly found a fluid rhythm and brought a much-needed clarity to this confusing play, which could easily have left the audience behind if any of the lines were thrown away. Fortunately, few words escaped our ears and the text was generally delivered with clarity and polish."...


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..."Phillipe Bosher played the roguish Algernon with enough charm to keep the snobbish character in favour with the audience [...] and displayed a natural instinct for ad-lib reactions to the audience’s laughter, milking the witty verbal sparring in a manner that Wilde himself would be proud of." ...


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Twelfth Night

..."Act 2.3 was a highlight of the production with the revels of Sir Toby Belch (Phillipe Bosher), Aguecheek (Alex Prescot), Feste (David Knowles) and Maria (Ellis-Anne Dunmall) cut off by the pompous Malvolio, played with éclat by Mike Bedigan. The scene began with Knowles performing a tender love song - delivered to an audience member to great comic effect. This then morphed into the raucous harmonies of the three revellers and the energy, playfulness and sound of the scene was a joy to behold."...


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..."The acting was superb overall. Standout male performances were given by Phillipe Bosher as Sir Toby and Alex Prescot as Sir Andrew; together they formed a great duo. The roles were perfectly cast and Bosher and Prescot portrayed wonderfully colourful characters without overacting. Prescot must be commended for his flexibility during his hilarious dances and his ability to balance himself for so long on one leg. Regarding Bosher, I’ve never seen an actor drink so much with such passion on stage."...


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