Language Course Recordings

AWP was asked to provide the cast of 2 adults and 8 teenagers to record 3 French language courses for Collins in 2013 - 2014.

We took a few shots of our teenage team during the sessions


Group Photo 22nd March 14-0010-resized Group Photo 22nd March 14-0014-resized


Billie Jane getting her script ready-0158 Billie Jane-Jean-Baptiste-Matthew-0155 Billie Jane-Matthew-Agathe-Jean-Baptiste-0173 Mikael-0170

Billie Jane sorting out her script.

B J,Matthew, Mikael,

& Elliot

B J, Matthew, Agathe and J B

Mikael testing the talkback!

Have we got the right script-0175 Emmanuelle  Joanna-0171 Miam-0160 David Morrit-0159

Will: "Is that the right French?"

Emmanuelle and Jo 

"Where are their horses?"

Time for a break!

(It is a French course after all!)

David getting the drinks ready!


Agathe waiting

for the green light!

Links to articles about languages


We will put here links to articles of interest to linguists.

If you come accross something in the press that you wish to share or indeed if you have written an article about a language matter yourself

do not hesitate To Contact Us and we will consider putting it on the site.



Why are some country names preceded

by the definite article "The" and others not?

When I first arrived in this country, last millennium, I learned that the name of Lebanon was The Lebanon,

but I noticed in the last few years that the THE had been dropped so I finally looked it up

and found an interesting and comprehensive article on the BBC website.

Click here to learn more


Why we should learn German


A must read weather you are a linguist or not, especially if you are not.

This article was published in the Observer on Sunday 2nd July and Karel Stary from the Czech Republic spotted it and sent me the link.


To read this informative and witty article click here



L'enfant bilingue - Ranka Bijeljac-Babic suivi de la puce à l'oreille


An interesting book has been published in France about a bilingual child.

I have not read it yet, but it has been highly recommended.


Click here to know more about it.




Jostrans - The Journal of Specialised Translation, a collection of peer-reviewed articles, streamed interviews, and reviews.


It has been going on for over 10 years, but I only discovered it a few weeks ago when I was invited to give a talk at Rohampton University by Lucile Desblache who is the brain behind it.


All the past issues are available on that site and if you contemplate a life in translation you will learn a lot reading the articles and watching the videos.

Click Here to access this fascinating site





Deborah who translates into Chinese and does voice work for us has sent us a link about a faux pas made by the newly appointed US consul general in Hong Kong in September 2013.


To read the full article in the CHINAREALTIMEREPORT, click here



She then sent us another one about the difficult task the Chinese government has in teaching Mandarin to its own citizens. The Economist published Spread the word in its paper edition and then put it on the web.


To read the full text of Spread the word, click here




The Making of Active Italian


Active Italian was shot on location in Italy in Isola della Scala, near Verona.


To access Active Italian and have a 7 day free trial click on the following link and then enter this code: 981X-I6UX-RITB-JWNH Click here


I would like to thank the people of Isola della Scalla who afforded us a warm welcome and did everything in their power to help us.


Vorrei ringraziare le persone di Isola della Scala che ci hanno accolti calorosamente e hanno fatto quanto era loro possible per aiutarci.




For more info about Isola della Scala: click here.


All this was possible thanks to Carolina Artegiani and her family who looked after us going as far as surprising us with a wonderful dish of risotto on the first day of the shoot when  the restaurant was not open.


Tutto questo e’ stato possible grazie a Carolina Artegiani e alla sua famiglia che si sono presi cura di noi tanto da sorprenderci con una meravigliosa risottata il primo giorno delle riprese quando il ristorante non era aperto.




A very special thanks to Peperoncino, Barbara and Giulia who let us use their café all day long for our café scenes.

Un grazie speciale va al Bar “Peperoncino”, Barbara Maddalena e Lorella che ci hanno permesso di utilizzare il loro locale tutta la giornata per le scene al bar.




I also wish to thank:

Voglio inoltre ringraziare:

Tecnocasa, the Estate Agent, let us use their first floor offices for our scenes in the estate agency. Should you wish to buy a property in or around Isola della Scalla, they might be your first port of call.


For more info about Tecnocasa

(Nel caso vogliate saperne di piu’ riguardo Tecnocasa): Click here


Tecnocasa, l’agenzia immobiliare, per averci lasciato utilizzare l’ufficio al primo piano per le scene nell’agenzia immobiliare. Per chi volesse acquistare una proprieta’ in o nei pressi di Isola della Scala Tecnocasa potrebbe essere la vostra prima scelta.




Giramondo Travel Agency where we took over the office and were helped by Manuela Giraldi who can be seen briefly behind her desk in the establishing shot of the clip.


Should you wish to know more about this agency

(Nel caso vogliate saperne di piu’ riguardo l’agenzia): Click here


Giramondo, l’Agenzia Viaggi dove abbiamo spodestato l’ufficio e siamo stati aiutati da Manuela Giraldi che ha partecipato brevemente da dietro la sua scrivania in una “totale” del filmato. 




L Moda, the Boutique where we were looked after by Roberto who appears very briefly in the back ground at one stage.


L Moda, the Boutique where we were looked after by Roberto who appears very briefly in the back ground at one stage.




Betti who took us around her fantastic restaurant, Pila dell'abate, an old watermill which has been entirely restaured, we filmed the little river going under the building and the entrance.

To know more about Pila dell'abate

(Nel caso vogliate saperne di piu’ riguardo Pila dellabatte): Click here


Betti che ci ha portati in giro per il fantastico ristorante, “La Pila dell’Abate”, un antico mulino ad acqua interamente restaurato. Abbiamo ripreso il fiumiciattolo che vi scorre e l’ingresso.




Giulia and Renato who let us filmed in their flat an entire evening even though they had to start work very early the next day.


Giulia e Renato che ci hanno permesso di fare le riprese nel loro appartamento una intera serata nonostante dovessero andare al lavoro molto presto il giorno seguente.




And a deeply felt thanks to Ernesto and Laura Artegiani who looked after me so well during the recce and helped further during the shoot. They also let us film inside the Pila, the cooperative belonging to landowners growing the famous rice used in making the delicious risoto which has made this region famous. It is one of the three official rice growing areas in Western Europe, the other two being the Camargue in France and the Ebro mouth in Spain. For more info about La Pila click here.


E un ringraziamente particolarmente sentito a Ernesto e Laura Artegiani che si sono presi cura di me durante il sopralluogo e aiutato durante le riprese. Ci hanno inoltre permesso di riprendere all’interno de “La Pila”, la cooperativa di proprietari terrieri che coltivano il famoso riso con il quale si cucina il risotto cha ha reso la zona famosa. Questa e’ una  delle tre aree  ufficiali dell’Europa Occidentale dove si coltiva riso, le altre due sono La Camargue in Francia e l'estuario del Ebro in Spagna.



And last but not least Silvana who gave over her hotel Turismo to us during our entire stay. This is the ideal place to stay if you want to discover "Shakespeare country" in Italy. (That site is still under construction, but the hotel has been completely restaured! It is brand new and with a very nice restaurant. The phone number is on the site.)


To know more about the Hotel Turismo,

(Nel caso vogliate saperne di piu’ riguardo il Hotel Turismo): Click here


E ultima ma non meno importante Silvana che ci ha affidato l’Hotel Turismo durante l’intero periodo.Questo e’ il posto ideale dove stare per chi volesse visitare la terra di Shakespeare in Italia. Il sito e’ ancora in costruzione ma l’Hotel e’ completamente restaurato. Nuovo e con un delizioso ristorante. Il numero di telefono e’ sul sito.




The Crew

Camera: Paul Goddard

Sound: Rupert Phillips

Production Assistants: Carolina Artegiani and Susan Cummins

Video Editor: Josephine Rodgers

Assistant video editor: Josephine Robinson AKA Pinky

Subtitles by Joanna Clarkson and Andy Thompson 



The artists by order of appearance

Giulia Ramozzino was played by Valentina Cartago

Michele Berti by Fernando Tiberini

The Barman by Marco Gambino

Ugo Borghetti by Pablo D'Adamo

Lucia by Anna Elena Pepe

Signora Duranti by Francesca Nider

The Waiter by Antonio Casella

The doctor's receptionist by Carolina Artegiani


Directed by Daniel Pageon

The Editorial Team at HarperCollins

Project Manager: Anna Stevenson

Editorial Director: Eva Martinez

Editor: Hilary Bates

Editorial Assistant: Holly Roper-Newman

Authors: Clelia Boscolo and Caroline Smart






1 And action 2478  1373708129 13401

And... Action!

2 Marco Gambino behind the bar 2477  1373708310 71299  1373708310 47824

Marco Gambino

3 Carolina Artegiani 2473  1373708395 52170

Carolina Artegiani


4 Marco 2490  1373708509 51906

What's happening on the street?

5-Fernando  Pablo Alexander-2492  1373714467

 Fernando & Pablo talking about football


6 Rupert Fernando Valentina 2495  1373708748 45460

Rupert, Fernando & Valentina


7 Susan Carolina 2505  1373708816 59907

Susan & Carolina: No, this is not Italian!


8 Marco Gambino 2510  1373710105 44788

 I'll never get this order right!


10-Final café scene-2517

 Final scene in the café!


12 Valentina 2502  1373710510 15051

Who cracked the joke?

11 Waiting for the lunch break 2507  1373710433 75450

Waiting for the lunch break!


9 From Valentina Cartago camera 1007 20100502 1820  1373710137 87559

 Who likes colourful cocktails!



99 Tecnocasa Office 1225  1373718659 55195

13 Estate Agency 2540  1373710595 18070 

Pablo Alexander & Paul 

15 Elena 2544  1373710673 50556 

Anna Elena Pepe

14 Pablo 2543  1373710630 37945 

Pablo Alexander

 16 Fernado and Pablo2547  1373711508 21085

Shaking hands the Italian way?

 17 Pablo 2550  1373711551 40350

Where is the other hand?

 18 Pablo on the phone 2554  1373711584 26952

Stop speaking to your friend!



90 Giramondo 1247  1373719036 49802


24 Paul 2603  1373711894 61400

91 Giramondo 1249  1373718992 33586

 Giramondo The Travel Agency

Paul on the look out!

 The Travel Agency

20 Francesca Valentina 2601  1373711651 41166

19 Francesca Valentina 2599  1373711618 64566

21 Francesca Fernando 2602  1373711721 63154

Francesca and Valentina

Really? Are you sure?

Francesca and Fernando

26 Francesca 2606  1373711968 36519

25 Fernando 2605  1373711926 57776

22a-Francesca  Fernado-2607

Are you going to buy this ticket?

I am tired and I want to go to bed!

I am not sure, it's too expensive!

22 Carolina Valentina 2608  1373711828 93481

Carolina deep in thought!

121 Main Square 1208  1373915133 31301

Isola della Scala

 23 Carolina Valentina 2609  1373711861 39652


They heard the click!


 30 Umbrella Pink 2668  1373712131 80485




 31 Umbrella 2669  1373712168 58491
 29 Vertical Umbrella 2667  1373712100 21342  27 Vertical Rain 2663  1373712017 30829  28 Vertical Umbrella 2666  1373712062 98852
32 Umbrella 2670  1373712207 85128 33 Umbrella 2671  1373712239 11864 34 Umbrella2673  1373712277 64441


 35-Anna  Pablo-2519  1373714659  37 Paul 2525  1373712440 93476  36-Anna  Pablo-2521  1373714704

Enough Pizzas for 20 takes!

Paul has seen the Pizzas arrive!

Daniel tells Pablo how to eat!

38 Pablo in kitchen 2522  1373712479 59606 39-Rupert  pizza-2524  1373714766 40-Anna  Pablo booking tickets-2527-rs

Pablo cuts the pizza!

Rupert eats!

Anna and Pablo book tickets!

 41 Rupert Fernado Valentina 2528  1373712649 12088  45 Rupert 2533  1373712784 11972  43 Rupert Fernado Valentina 2529  1373712721 95055

 Rupert, Fernando and Valentina waiting!

 "I don't get paid for the work,

only for the waiting!"

 Valentina telling... !


 46 Ext L Moda 2555  1373712817 19006  51 L Moda 2568  1373713052 38750  48 L Moda 2560  1373712934 12044

Fernando dragging Valentina

out of L Moda!

Valentina in the mens department!

Anna loving the height!

52 L Moda 2570  1373713088 47957 50 L Moda 2567  1373713011 13535 49 L Moda 2562  1373712972 33798



Anna looking down at Fernando!


56 Hotel 2654  1373713241 37966

93 Hotel Turismo 1200  1373718913 88417

58 Hotel 2661  1373713310 32830

54 Chance meeting 2651  1373713163 25461


The Chance meeting!



59 Hotel 2664  1373713344 75973
60 Hotel Reception 2674  1373713378 11337
65 Hotel Reception 2682  1373713596 57128

Fernando "Don giovanni" gets ready!

Back from shopping

I can't find anthing in the bag!

64 Hotel Reception 2680  1373713552 62243  68 Hotel Reception 2685  1373713708 28550
69 Hotel Reception 2686  1373713740 66685

Last detail

Camera? Ready!

Sound? Ready! Almost!


72-Another Café-2699
75-Another Café-2705
74-Another Café-2704


to make

a pretend phone call!

71-Another Café-2697 71-Another Café-2708 78-Another Café-2712

The table scene with the stand-in

And then with the STAR!

The sofa scene!


82 The Office 2584  1373719379 48106  81 The Office 2583  1373719424 43346
80 The Office 2581  1373719454 34627

The long and narrow corridor.

No studio set here.

We cannot push the walls!

84 The Office 2592  1373719297 25456

85 The Office 2593  1373719250 54405

86 The Office 2596  1373719214 12111

Anna has had enough!

Carolina being briefed 

The other end of the pretend phone call


94 Pila dellAbate Restaurant 1265  1373718868 24985 


96 Pila dellAbate Restaurant 1271  1373718776 55409

107 Inside Restaurant 2621  1373718357 88094

The Exteriors 

The Entrance

The Inside

 106 Inside Restaurant 2620  1373718391 86694


102 Inside Restaurant 2612  1373718548 24198 103 Inside Restaurant 2615  1373718513 25006

Discussing the order

Antonio Casella

Pablo d'Adamo

105 Inside Restaurant 2619  1373718435 42702
118 Inside Restaurant 2640  1373716395 98965
115 Inside Restaurant 2629  1373716516 21744
101 Inside Restaurant 2611  1373718588 42646
109 Inside Restaurant 2623  1373716729 98252
114 Inside Restaurant 2628  1373716553 91890

120 Inside Restaurant 2648  1373716196 62933

As seen on the monitor


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Books about Languages


If you have published a book or have read one of interest to linguists or to people wanting to learn a language do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to consider publishing a synopsis and/or readers comments here. To contact us click here



Our friend and colleague Dr. Ahmad Khuddro has just published


Arabic/English syntax in translation (July 2013)


Click here to know more about it and top acquire it


Arabic English syntax in translation-2013











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The Making of Active German


The German programme was shot on location in Germany in Pulheim, near Cologne.


To access Active German and have a 7 day free trial click on the following link and then enter this code: 07VF-6IZ9-CHX3-0XAP Click here


The shoot went smoothly in Pulheim thanks to the unending efforts of Peter and Annette Käfer who used their contacts and their knowledge of the area to make it all possible.

Special thanks to Peter who had to fight his way through the German bureaucracy to allow us to film the exteriors.


I would also like to express our thanks to:

Ein besonderes großes Dankeschön geht an Annette, Peter, Anne und Katrin Käfer, ohne sie wäre aus diesem Film nichts  geworden.


Wir danken ausserdem allen Mitarbeitern im Hotel Ascari in Pulheim. Für weitere Informationen hier Klicken


Marion Sonntag vom Delikatessengeschäft Täfelchen. Für weitere Informationen hier Klicken


Frau Raetz von der Boutique Graffiti Moden. Für weitere Informationen hier Klicken


Martina Käfer von der Ratherburg Apotheke. Für weitere Informationen hier Klicken

Herrn Eduard Hoff. 


Familie De Luna vom Eiscafé De Luna. Für weitere Informationen hier Klicken

für alle Hilfe und Unterstützung während dieser vier hektischen Tage.


I would also like to thank the full team without whom this production would not have been a success:


The Crew

Camera: Paul Goddard

Sound: Rupert Phillips

Production Assistant: Sylvia Hensel

Video Editor: Josephine Rodgers

Assistant video editor:  Josephine Robinson AKA Pinky

Subtitles spotting by Joanna Clarkson and Andy Thompson 


The artists by order of appearance


Herr Buschhel was played by Erich Redman

Matthias Meisinger by Florian Hacke

Lara Roellinger by Maite von Melle

Herr Baumann by Wil Rötgen

Die Kellnerin by Britta Gardner

Nina Meisinger by Emily Wood

The shop assistant by Britta Gardner

Die Apothekerin by Katrin Käfer


Directed by Daniel Pageon

The Editorial Team

Project Manager: Anna Stevenson

Editorial Director: Eva Martinez

Editor: Hilary Bates

Editorial Assistant: Holly Roper-Newman

Author: Nathalie Vogelweische


1-Emily Wood  Florian

Emily Wood & Florian Hacke in der Wohnung


2-Active German-100 3535


Kathrin Käfer & Rupert in der Wohnung


3-Active German-2470


Erich Redman, Maite von Melle

& Florian Hacke

4-Active German-2442


Rupert Phillips, sound, in der Küche



5-Active German-2392


 Florian Hacke & Wil Rötgen im Restaurant

6-Active German-2444


Florian Hacke, Emily Wood & Daniel Pageon

in der Küche

7-Active German-100 3545


Erich Redman & Kathrin Käfer


8-Active German-2398


Britta Gartner im Tälfelchen

10-Active German-2414


Paul Goddard Lighting Cameraman

11-Active German-2423


Maite von Melle & Florian Hacke

9-Active German-2400


Britta Gartner im Täfelchen

11A-Active German-IMG 2422

Im Café

11A-Active German-IMG 2422

Erich, Maite & Florian vorm Bahnhof


14-Active German-IMG 2350

Täfelchen Delikatessen 



13-Active German-IMG 2296

Die Apotheke


12-Active German-100 3526

In der Ratherburg Apotheke


15-Active German-2385

Erich, Maite & Florian vorm Bahnhof

16-Active German-Pulheim Station-1333

Pulheim Bahnhof

18-Active German-Cologne 2335







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