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Tomoko touring with We Like To Move It, Move It 28th September to 16th October

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Arhlene Allan shooting a NoS commercial in Portugal

Adrienne-Marie Zitt graces our screens as Suzette in Outlander season 2

Elsa Petit is part of the Amazon Prime campaign

Milton Lopes is in BBC radio drama production of a Brave New World.


Nina Hatchwell in You are stunning

She stars in it and directed as well!


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Arhlene Allan shooting a NoS commercial in Portugal 

Adrienne-Marie Zitt graces our screens as Suzette in Outlander season 2

 Elsa Petit is part of the Amazon Prime campaign 

Milton Lopes is in BBC radio drama production of a Brave New World.


Suzi Fat a.k.a. Susanna Paisio on stage


Suzi Fat AKA Susanna Paisio on stage 2016 in London-rs

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For a revue in Italian of her show click here

Giselle is doing one of the replacement voices for the Charlie and Lola App

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Peter Picton is reprising his role in Consequences & The Book

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Actors World Casting Actors are busy

9th March 2016




Anna-Jane Niznikowska in

Paddy Power complaints line - Burger Van

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Peter Picton is reprising his role in Consequences & The Book

8 March - 12 March


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See below the original review



Fantastic Review for Pete Picton as Norman in

Consequences, Hen and Chickens

Consequences, Hen and Chickens Theatre – Review

Pros: Some wonderful, authentic performances, particularly by Pete Picton. A well-written, layered script.

Cons: Some of the dialogue seemed forced and somewhat unlikely.


Our Verdict Excellent

A neat, well-put-together production that deals with tough subject matters, without being overly draining. Insightful and enjoyable.

KinkyFish is a London-based production company which attracted rave reviews for its production of Consequences at the Edinburgh Fringe last year. I was excited to find out how the show would fare when transposed to the Hen and Chickens Theatre as part of London’s very own Camden Fringe.


Consequences deals with two police detectives, the young and inexperienced Danny (Jon Carstairs) and the veteran sergeant Alan (Paul Condon). While investigating the demise of retired librarian Norman in his home (presumably of old age), Danny discovers a suicide note. In the letter, the old man confesses to the murder of a young prostitute, Cilla, 20 years earlier, trying to explain how and why it happened. The script by Duncan Battman, is well-written and provides plenty of recurring motifs and insights, giving it real sense of depth. It handles the difficult themes tastefully and succeeds in changing your original judgement of the old man by gradually revealing new information.

The play is based in three periods in time: the present day (when the two cops must decide what to do with this letter), Norman’s final hours (as he writes the letter) and 20 years earlier (as Norman chronicles meeting Cilla and the events leading up to her death). The action in the three time periods all happens in the same place, Norman’s kitchen. Director Jaymes Aaron seamlessly links these three periods, with actors often staying on stage when we flash forwards and backwards, like ghosts from the past or future.

Clotilde Lataille’s set design, representing Norman’s kitchen, is simple yet effective. Just a table and chairs, a counter for tea and mugs, a few shelves and a painted backdrop illustrating a bookcase. It does the job of providing a convincing space for the action, without getting in the way. Another nice touch is the audio at the start and finish of the play; old recordings of Aesop’s fables which also feature heavily in the script.

At the end of the day, this play is carried by the performance of Pete Picton as Norman, as he calmly explains how he came to meet and eventually kill Cilla. His rendition of the retired mild-mannered librarian is measured, subtle and utterly convincing. In his calm and steady voice, he slowly draws the audience into Norman’s mindset, convincing them that the murder of Cilla was really an act of compassion, maybe even love. One particularly impressive aspect of his performance is the distinction between the 20-years-ago Norman and suicide-note-writing Norman. The latter recently suffered a mild stroke and the slight changes in demeanour, posture and diction reveal Picton’s skill as an actor. Michelle McKay also gives a wonderful performance as Cilla; convincing in her fight to improve her life, yet endearing in her ability to make light of her situation. Condon and Carstairs’ performances are also noteworthy, although at times their dialogue do seem a bit forced.

All in all, Consequences is a very enjoyable show with just the right mix of intrigue, humour and pathos. It covers a lot of ground, gives an abundance of insight and delivers great performances. It is also neatly packed into a succinct, one-hour show. The piece covers some tough subject matters without being too emotionally draining or jarring. I can see why it did so well in Edinburgh last year and I predict it will fare well down in London this year too.

Written by: Duncan Battman
Directed by: Jaymes Aaron and Michelle McKay
Designed by: Clotilde Lataille
Produced By: KinkyFish productions
Box Office: 020 7704 2001
Booking Link: http://www.camdenfringe.com/detailact.php?acts_id=526
Booking Until: 9 August 2014


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Tom Gregory and all his family are playing main parts in this Natwest Commercial

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Our Linda-Jean Barry's Quingo's commercial is renewed for a second year

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News coming in on 19th January 2016

Steve Collins at the Première of Creed

Giselle voicing the Charlie and Lola App

Steve Collins at the Prempiere of Creed-r

Giselle voicing Charlie and Lola Jan 2016-c-r




Linda-Jean Barry appearing in


The Pact - Sainsbury's Christmas Food



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Magnetic Joe Herzfeld is in the Pizza Hut Delivery advert

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Daniel Pageon in Le voyage du fromage

shot in 2014 and now released on YouTube

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Katherine Pageon-Begley


Katherine voiced the entire series of Collins Letts KS1 & KS2 Revision Success - Click Here to listen to here in English





Nina Hatchwell

Got the lead in a Halifax commercial



If you thought she was only a pretty face think again.Click here to discover why.


Pete Picton


Holding no punches at the London Welsh Centre on Friday: A  short bout only two rounds and just over 25 minutes.


That is only for starters. We wish him luck for his new carrier in stage "boxing"!


And counting...


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A short play based on the life and tragic death of Welsh boxing icon Johnny Owen, this powerful multimedia performance is part of the 2015 Bloombury Festival of







Jean-Baptiste performing for BBC Television Bitesize

(A French Teaching Language Series)


Here JB plays Maxime who has been tied up by Dr Némesis... and they talk about holidays click here to see this sequence of this French education video


In this episode Maxime is briefed on an undercover operation in an English school




Giselle Begley appears in the latest Signal commercial on French TV and the Internet

Giselle Begley appears in the latest Signal commercial on French TV and the Internet





Keep up with our Actor's community




From 28th April until 23rd May Our very own Susan Cummins will be performing in this production. For more info click here


July 2014

Elsa Petit is the voice of Generation Sephora

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January 2014

Florian Hacke is performing in War Horse in Berlin.

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The Telegraph review of the German Production.




December 2013:

Mark Clark has just finished shooting a commercial for Cadbury's and

Michelle Carpente will be shooting a commercial for Dyson in the next few days.


And Donatienne Dupont joined Marcus Harris in working on corporate role plays.




JB Fillon has fun rally driving for a new commercial for France



Scott Smith to voice Captain Morgan Rum case studies following his role in the Captain

Morgan internet project this summer.

If you want to know more about Captain Morgan click here


John Casey, Silas Hawkins, Nick Lavelle, Peter Picton and Ian Recordon on the set of The Royals - exciting new TV pilot


Meanwhile, Marcus Harris is working throughout Europe on roleplays for

a range of major companies!