Dossier de Presse pour le Praemium Imperiale 2019

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2019 PRAEMIUM IMPERIALE in English see below


At a press conference held on 17th September at the Japanese Embassy

 in London the list of Laureates was announced

in the presence of the

Ambassador of Japan to the UK HE Mr. Koji Tsuruoka

and Lord Patten of Barnes.



Lord Patten of Barnes CH PC Mona Hatoum William Kentridge HE Mr Koji Tsuruoka 0198


Two of the laureates were present

Mona Hatoum and William Kentridge

Mona Hatoum William Kentridge 0200




Full list of Laureates



















2019 Grant For Young Artists



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Pour le dossier de presse sur le Praemium Imperiale en français cliquez ici










Vlad T's Profile


Vlad T 2018 4w













Grace's Profile


Grace S Headshot 2018 2



Grace is a versatile singer, songwriter, performer

and voiceover artist based in London.


Her voice is suitable for corporate projects, commercials, narration, audiobooks, e-learning, tutorials as well as animation.

She is also a vocal coach / singing teacher with a background in acting and contemporary dance.


She attended a three year full time Drama School in Rome and attained a Diploma (equivalent to a BA).


She was trained by a Dramatic Soprano and then went on to study the most diverse genres of music.

She fronts her own band with whom she has released several albums. She regularly tours Europe and North America. She has recorded and performed with the most diverse artists, such as Noddy Holder, The Vibrators and Arthur Brown.

She has been played on BBC Radio London, BBC Radio 6 and XFM, as well as being interviewed on Manhattan Neighborhood Network.



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Eva's Profile


Eva Lithuanian 2018 small




Eva has a smooth, captivating, pleasant, "ear loving voice"


She is highly suitable for a variety of performances as her range has been qualified as funny, animated, sad, friendly and upbeat. She can satisfy the demands of the more exacting commercial directors but she also uses her voice for infomercials, narrations and long texts. She can turn the most technical text into a most compelling read.


Eva has the ability to adapt her voice quickly and with flexibility to perform as a child, and then change into a mature, serious or sexy voice!

On top of it all Eva can sing and act, thus satisfying the needs of a huge range of projects.


A Master’s degree in performing arts, covering opera and stage language, more than 7 years as a leading actress and as many years as a voice-over for Lithuanian TV and radio, allow Eva to perform at the highest level of professionalism and to provide top level performances.






Worldwide Corporate Induction E-learning: Language director in studio Language: Lithuanian

Worldwide TV Commercial: CALZEDONIA (with Julia Roberts ) Language: Lithuanian

Worldwide Induction Video: 2 SISTERS factory UK Language: Lithuanian

Worldwide TV Commercial in sponsorship of World Cup 2018: PHILLIPS AUTO CURLER Language: Lithuanian

Worldwide 3D Game (to be released): SUPERMASSIVE GAMES, role: Lieutenant Tatyana Language: English with Russian accent


Worldwide infomercial: SCANIA, Ontario, Canada Language: Lithuanian


Worldwide infomercial: HUSQWARNA, Denmark Language: Lithuanian


Video game: FIRE EMBLEM, Character: Hellene, Edinburgh, UK Language: Lithuanian


Worldwide TV&Radio commercial: ECCO SHOES, Light-borne, Cincinnati, Ohio, US Language: Lithuanian


Worldwide app for the smart phone Windows 7:
5 animated-interactive children e-books, Merry Fairy Tales LLC, Redmond WA, US Language: English


TV&Radio commercial: TORLEY CHAMPAGNE, Lithuania Language: Lithuanian

TV&Radio commercial: DOUGLAS BEAUTY PRODUCTS, PR Entertainment, London, UK Language: Lithuanian



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