Eva's Profile

A new young voice from Lithuania based in the UK


Eva Smoriganaité



*2019 July. Laima's role during the Immersive theatre practice.

Directed by the company "Terre Motto ( E. Nargi ; R. Brunetti)


*2018 December. Performance of Bertolt Brecht's "Fear and Misery of the Third

Reich". Directed by Rebecca Hulbert and Benjamin Symes. Various roles


*2018 October. Voice-over for the "Curiocity" commercial

(Educational children centre in Kaunas)


*2018 October. Voice-over for "Time to forget - Alzheimer's Society TV advert 2017, 90s"


*2018 May- June. HBO "Chernobyl" Production assistant


*2016 May. "Ashes In the Snow" . Directed by: Marius A. Markevicius.


*2016 September. "Volunteers: Freedom price" . Directed by: Saulius Balandis.


*2015 January "Winter Thaw". Directed by: Adam Anderegg. Episode role

*2015-2019. Children's Animation


*2013-2014. National Kaunas Drama's Theatre  "Sad God". Child's role



*2017 September - 2020 June BA Acting degree at Falmouth University




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Chiara Multilingual Talent

Chiara is a multilingual voiceover artist based in London







Narration No Music



Narration With music





Corporate No music


Corporate With music




Narration No Music



Narration With Music




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Lisa-Marie's Profile

German native voice based in Berlin


Lisa Marie 2019



Lisa-Marie was born in Bavaria, she studied acting at the Westphalian drama school in Bochum, Germany.


She has performed at several German theatres and appeared in many films and tv shows.


As a voice-over artist she acted in the audio play Schämt Euch! Zum toten Juden for WDR (West Deutscher Rundfunk – (West German Radio Broadcasting) and radio spots such as Penny Framstag and the Luxembourgian spot of Mc Arthurglen.


Recently she lip-synched the HBO series Euphoria and even more recently she took part in the ADR German sessions for the new Ken Loach film Sorry we missed you


She can currently be seen as the new detective inspector in the lastest season of the acclaimed German TV series 4 Blocks, streaming launch November 7, 2019 on TNT series and SKY. 


She is a German native speaker, living in Berlin.

But she also speaks Luxemburgian thanks to her mother who made it the family language!






2019 Major role, detective inspector, season III '4 Blocks'

2018 – 2013 Diverse TV and film roles

'DARK', 'Notruf Hafenkante', 'Soko Leipzig',' Der Kriminalist'
Movie 'Caraba', 'Die Vierhändige',
Speaker for radio spot nationwide 'Penny Framstag', 2014

2019 – 2013 Helmholtz Association

2005 – 2013 Diverse theater and film engagements

inter alia 'Münchner Kammerspiele', 'Maxim Gorki Theater',
'Comédie de Reims', 'German Theater Abroad' (US tour),
ZDF – film 'Dutschke', Movie 'Bis auf's Blut – Brüder auf Bewährung'
WDR – audio play 'Schämt Euch! Zum toten Juden', 2012
Speaker radio spot Luxembourgish 'Mc Arthurglen", 2011

2003 – 2005
Ensemble member 'Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg'

2019 – 2013
▪ assistant to the president
Musicboard Berlin GmbH

▪ office manager, assistant to the CEO



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Voice Reels Irish Gaelic





Irish Gaelic

 Demo available on request


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Zhana's Profile

A warm, clear and versatile voice


Zhana Bulgarian 2019 VO 


Zhana's career started as a well-known radio presenter in Bulgaria and she hahas been working in the VO industry since the turn of the century.


Recording languages: 


Bulgarian - native. Experienced in all genres.


English - second language. International + Eastern European accented English (mild and strong). All genres.


German - third language. International + Eastern European accented German (mild and strong). All genres.

Voice: warm and clear. Versatile.


Her portfolio includes high-profile TV and radio ads for brands such as Coca Cola, Nestlé, Phillips, Durex, Whirlpool just to name a few, dubbing for BRIT's, narrations for the EU, UNESCO, Apple, Mercedes-Benz, MetLife and many more...


Additionally Zhana is a very experienced Casting Director, Audio and Multimedia producer on the international market.

You can rely on her knowledge and skills as a native Bulgarian Language Consultant and Production Supervisor. 

Her current work in the field is supervising Walt Disney Production in London.




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