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David Doma new pictures 2021



French-born, David came to England a few years ago and has carried on working as an actor and a voice-over artist.


From his young and at the same time authoritative voice emanates a sense of confidence which appeals to a large audience.


He has recorded in vision and voiced a number of commercials, including for Xbox, VW, Nivea, Barclays Bank, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Nokia, Toothpaste ads, Credit Suisse, Vision Express, Borders, Pierre Cardin, Moss Bros, Carlton, Sony, Sodexho, Innovex, Mastercard, Delimarché, African soda…

He has also taken part in Language Course recordings, Games, ADR and corporate videos...


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Voice Reels Spanish From Spain Female


Some of our artists also sing and we have added their singing tracks as well, denoted by a Red *.






Marina's Profile

- Commercials

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Montserrat R's Profile *

- Spanish Commercial

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Mari-Luz's Profile

- Spanish Reel

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Elsa's Profile

- Elsa

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Ginita's Profile

- Ginita





Montserrat G's Profile

- Spanish Reel

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Marta's Profile

- Marta



Pilar's Profile

- Pilar

Isabel's Profile

- Isabel


Sonia's Profile

- Sonia



Patricia's Profile

- Spanish Reel

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Aina's Profile

- Spanish Reel

Magda's Profile

- Spanish News



- Corporate

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Teresa's Profile

- Commercial Reel

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Gearoid's Profile

Gearoid by Fay Summerfield 2020

Pix by Fay Summerfield


Gearoid is a genuine young English voice from the Republic of Ireland.

Bi-lingual  in Gaelic and English



He has been busy on stage, radio and in commercials for TV



2019, Audio, Shaun Wicklowboy 22, Missing Person, Audiobook Producers, Sarah Lotz
2018, Radio, Gumption, Everyday Obedience Man, Matchstick Theater Company, Tony Webster
2018, Commercial, Footballer, Virgin Media, Virgin Media, Brian Aldrich
2018, Commercial, Myself, Voting Commission Ireland, BBDO Dublin, Noel Byrne
2017, Commercial, Carpenter, Screwfix, Wordley Productions, Jamie Cadwell

2019, Stage, Tadgh, Animals, Unconscious Conscious, Adam Mort
2019, Stage, Chad, Stoned Stupid and Stuck, Sweaty Palms, Ryan Lester
2019, Stage, Paddy Flynn, The Execution Of Paddy Flynn, Rusted Dust, Sam Carrick
2018, Stage, Police Chief, Carpet Town, Full Pelt Theater, Arron Dart
2018, Stage, Multiple Roles, Soho Theatre sketch comedy writers Lab, Soho Theatre, Lee Griffiths
2017, Stage, The Inspector, How Much Is Your Iron, Sweaty Palm, Sari Chreiteh
2017, Stage, Micheal, Jonjo and Micheal, Stay Up Late Collective, Frankie Regalia
2017, Stage, Lieutenant Pirogov, Nevsky Prospekt, Pentameters Theatre, Dan Daniel
2017, Stage, Assistant and Ensemble, The Valve, Matchstick Theatre Company, Domnic Spillane
2016, Stage, Craig, Hotel, Liminal
2016, Stage, Angelo, MEASURE FOR MEASURE, East 15, Hugh Ross
2016, Stage, Jona, The Audacious Christian Militia, North Wall, John Hoggarth
2016, Stage, Leonid Andreieveitch Gayev, THE CHERRY ORCHARD, East 15, Andrea Brooks
2016, Stage, Sean, The Gold Of Boggeragh, London Irish Centre, Cillian Dee
2016, Stage, Donnie, The Lieutenant of Inishmore, East 15, Lindsey Higgins-Pottier
2016, Stage, Giovanni, Tis a Pity she's a whore, East 15, Andrea Brooks
2016, Stage, Mr Pugh and Mr Waldo, Under Milk Wood, East 15, Steve Hudson
2015, Stage, Charlie Conlon, Stones in his pockets, Beehive Theater, Wendela Rosenberg Polak


Accents & Dialects:
(* = native) Cockney, Donegal, English-Standard, Galway, Irish-Northern, Irish-Southern*, RP
(* = Native/Fluent) English, Gaelic

Music & Dance:
(* = highly skilled) Bass (singing), Laban
Performance: Laban Training, Living History, Story Telling, Viewpoints, Voice Acting


(* = highly skilled) Aikido, Cycling, Gaelic Football, Handball, Quad Biking, Rugby, Swimming (Open Water), Yoga


Vehicle Licences: Car Driving Licence


Other Skills: Poker, Scientist (qualified), Story Telling


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Natalie's Profile


Natalie 2020 09 1rr Natalie Photo 3 rr Natalie WEB 15 r


A very versatile voice who can work with native South African and Scottish accents


Natalie does both voice acting and session singing; and often combines both skills for one job, like the animated teacher in Choon Baboon where she voices the character and sings the vocal stings, Scottish Opera's Musicals for Kids, or Bloomsbury's Singing Book 'Apusskidu'.


She is the voice of Sunswop Travel Agent's IVR, voicemail, phone systems, and on-hold messages.

She has voiced a host of animated characters over the last decade, most recently the puppet of Scottish Mary Queen of Blocks in 'The Secret Shore'.


Natalie is an award-winning writer and lyricist and works with composer Oguz Kaplangi - the team are currently writing for Netflix on an unnamed feature due for release early 2022.


Natalie has been doing voice acting for over a decade in the UK alongside her stage and screen career where you can see her in BAFTA-nominated feature "Only You", Dr Bicknell in BBC's 'River City', or Eve in BBC/Comedy Unit's 'Fail', when she is not gracing the stages of the Royal Lyceum or performing for Prince Charles and Camilla.

She performs in a myriad of accents and brings these to the studio along with her professionalism and a cracking sense of humour.


Plus she has a home studio for a super quick turnaround.


Training includes:

MA Performance (Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama) with Donna Soto-Morettini which included VO study with Ros Steen

BA Drama, Jazz and Popular Voice, and Psychology (University of Durban, Natal, South Africa) with Darius Brubeck

HB Studios NYC with Marion McCorry and Ed Morehouse.


Commercial, Conversational, Accent, Business, eLearning, Education, Movie Trailer, Narrator, Cartoon, Mom, Authoritative, Natural, Confident, Young Adult, Broadcast, Television, Radio, Internet, Friendly, Mother, Happy, Bright, Natural, Confident, Young Adult, Charming, Funny, Accessible, Friendly, Genuine, Authentic, Believable, Relatable, Trustworthy, Fun, Fresh, Youthful, Engaging, Sincere, Happy, Reassuring, Warm, Playful, Motivational, Hardsell, Straightforward, Strong, Sweet, Cheerful, Emotion, Natural, Approachable, Smooth, Whisper, Speak, Corporate, Young, Mature, Authoritative, Confidence, Urgency, Current, Fresh, Relaxing, Sincere, Comforting, Call to Action, Millennial, GenX, Contemporary, Mezzo, Alto, Accent, Authoritative, Announcer, Technical, Medical, Knowledgeable, Scientific, Emotional, VOG, Voice of God, Announcer...



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Voice Reels Italian

Some of our artists also sing and we have added their singing tracks as well denoted by a Red *.


 To listen to some of our Italian voices speaking in English Click Here






Chiara D's Profile

- Italian Reel



Fausto's Profile

- Documentary

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Chiara T

- Corporate

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Giancarlo's Profile

- Giancarlo





Lara's Profile

- Lara

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Giovanni's Profile

- Giovanni

Benedetta's Profile

- Benedetta


Aldo's Profile

- Aldo


Anna's Profile

Anna - Italian

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Fernando's Profile *

- Corporate Narration

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- Jessica






Massimo's Profile

- Massimo

Valentina's Profile

- Valentina


Simone's Profile

- Simone


Lisa's Profile

- Italian Reel

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Marco's Profile



Alessandra G's Profile

- Mix Reel



Davide's Profile (On Tour)

- Italian Reel

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Francesca N's Profile

- Francesca



Roberto's Profile

- Commercials

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Luisa's Profile

- Luisa











Christian's Profile

- Compilation



Barbara's Profile

- Narration

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Alessandro An's Profile (Spanish Reel at the end)

- 2020 Reel

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Andrea A

- Italian-English Reel


Maya's Profile *

- Italian and English Commercials

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Simon D'Aquino's Profile

- Italian Film Trailer

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Grace's Profile

- Commercial

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Fausto's Profile

- Documentary

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Alessandra A's Profile

- Italian Reel

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Valentina Roma's Profile

- Italian Reel



- Italian Reel

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Melina's Profile

- Italian Montage 2016

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