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When there is more than one track on the players, the first one is in the native language and the next ones in other languages including English.

Some of our artists also sing and we have added their singing tracks as well, denoted by a Red *.







Montserrat R's Profile *

- Spanish Commercial

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Mari-Luz's Profile

- Spanish Reel

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Elsa's Profile

- Elsa

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Ginita's Profile

- Ginita





Montserrat G's Profile

- Spanish Reel

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Marta's Profile

- Marta



Pilar's Profile

- Pilar

Isabel's Profile

- Isabel


Sonia's Profile (In Spain)

- Sonia


Patricia's Profile

- Spanish Reel

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Aina's Profile

- Spanish Reel

Magda's Profile

- Spanish News



- Corporate

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Teresa's Profile

- Commercial Reel

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