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When there is more than one track on the players, the first one is in the native language and the next ones in other languages including English.

Some of our artists also sing and we have added their singing tracks as well denoted by a Red *.






Tomoko Komura's Profile

- Japanese Commercial 1

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Takashi's Profile

- Japanese Narration

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Akari's Profile *

- Japanese Reel 2016

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Junichi's Profile

- Junichi

Noriko's Profile

- Japanese

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Dait's Profile

- Japanese narration

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Voice to Video Click Here

You-ri's Profile

- Commercial Reel

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Masashi's Profile

- Japanese reel

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Saeko's Profile *

- Japanese Corporate

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Yukiko I

- Japanese reel


Kinue's Profile *

- Japanese Reel

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Voice to Video

1) Zen Documentary Click Here

2) Corporate Click Here

3) Story Telling Click Here

4) Venise Documentary Click Here


Mayumi's Profile

- Japanese Candy Crush

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Kanako's Profile

- Voice Reel


Yuriri's Profile

- Voice Reel


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