Ernesto's Profile




Mexican born actor and voice over artiste Ernesto,



is also one of the most sought after Spanish speaking voice artistes in


the United Kingdom for the British, Spanish and Latin American markets.




Ernesto's vibrant, versatile acting voice and excellent command of English have earned him roles in feature films,

cartoons, video games, documentaries as well as corporate video and audio presentations. 


Additional information about Ernesto can be obtained from the UK Spotlight Casting Directory or the IMDB. 

Ernesto is a member of British Equity and has British and Mexican citizenship. 


Voice Overs:

Ernesto has worked for clients such as: 

Paramount Pictures, New Line Cinema, Buena Vista International, BBC, BBC World Service, Bosh, Nokia, SO Television, Motorola, Free Radical, Nestle, Rio Tinto, Diageo, Sony PlayStation, Amnesty International, BT, E! Entertainment Television USA, Imperial War Museum, RSA Films, Barclays, Picture Productions Company and many others.




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