Dai's Profile

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Dai is versatile and can deliver from a gentle, rich, engaging narrative read, to crazy high-pitched character with excellent comic timing.

He has extensive voiceover experience and has recorded hundreds of corporate, documentaries, narratives, commercials, radio dramas and computer games.




His range of VO jobs is spread far and wide.


He plays “Hanzo” in the children’s TV series of Chuggington since 2012, now nominated for Best Animated Television Production for Preschool Children at this year’s 40th Annual Annie Awards!


He has recorded numerous corporate include: Volvo.

His commercial clients include: Qatar Airways.


He’s also recorded promos for 2012 London Olympic Games.


His narratives include documentaries:

KODAWARI Life Europe (NHK),

He also narrates for the weekly motor sport program Mobil 1 The Grid (JSport) since 2008.


His audio-guides credits include: The Louvre.

He has also voiced numerous educational materials such as Oxford University Press.


Dait’s character voicing includes various computer games such as Genji 1&2 (PlayStation 3).


His credits in radio drama includes A Pale View of the Hills (Radio 4/Woman’s Hour), Fewer Not Less (Radio4/Afternoon Drama)



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