Javier's Profile

Voice Over Experience

2010-Disney/Pixar has cast Javier for “TOY STORY 3”- USA version Spanish-mode Buzz-. He also voices the actual toy alongside Tim Allen and Disney Theme Parks around the world.

Toys, Cartoon Series and Merchandising

Recording for George Lucas (10 talking toys) of Star Wars and numerous recordings for Hasbro: Mr. Potato Head, War Machine, Ironman, Spiderman ,ET, Dreamline, Mr. Pain, Cluedo  and very many other.. TV Cartoon Series “The Incredible Adrenalini Brothers”

Audio books & educational materials

Voicing for major publishers like Scholastic (Batman el comienzo, Tocando el vacio, El Zorro etc), and for Footstep Productions (Oxford University Press, Nelson Thornes etc) and BBC documentaries (The Big Cat Diaries), Spanish language courses and TV promos.

TV On-Air promotional

Disney Channel (Lilo and Stich), Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, Euronews, Bloomberg TV, Jetix, MTV, CNN, History Channel, Romantica, TCM and BBC.

Museum Audio guides

St Paul’s Cathedral, Apsley House, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court, Vinopolis, Edinburgh Castle, Heritage Museum-Rome- Basílica de Pompeii, The British Museum (the Parthenon and several others stops like the Rosseta Stone), Hampton Court Video, The Terracotta Warriors-China-, The Palazzo Pitti -Florence- The National Portrait Gallery, The D-Day Museum, The Minichateaux Park- France, Palacio de la Almudaina-Mallorca-, The Pergamon Museum-Berlin,-, The Majesty of Spain, Jackson Mississippi, Aquarium La Rochelle- Paris-, Guggenheim Bilbao, Imperial War Museum, London. Buckingham Palace, Stirling Palace-Scotland- City of Bath, Mauritshuis –The Hage-, Plantin-Moretus, Palace of Versailles France, The Vatican Museum, Lille bus tour, Big Bus tour London to name a few.

Corporate Recordings, Promotional and Training DVDs

Sony, Jaguar Cars, Fiery Printers, Xerox Printers, OKI Printers, Barcelona Motorshow, Panasonic Mobile Phones, Christian Salvesen, TNT, Racal Thorn Wells Locator, Kodak Ice Cube, and Kodak Picture Maker, Invensys, Orange Mobile Phones, Cutty Sark Whisky, DVD Audio Panasonic and Technics, Sulzer Infra, Duracell, Avis, Whyte & McKay Scotch Whisky, Airbus Flight Simulator, Gartner.com, Water solutions-Thames Water-,PerkinElmer, Sericol Corporate, CAN, Land Rover, Ford, Keft Instant DVD theatre, Restiline, Standard Machine, HP, MSN Video content etc.

Narrative Research Recordings

McCann-Erickson, Saatchi& Saatchi, Wieden&Kennedy and Lowe Lintas:  Smint, Lloyds Bank TSB, Levi’s jeans, Wrangler jeans, Ford, Durex Condoms, Bacardi, Nescafe, Nike, Haagen Daz, Heinz, Visa, Opel, Service Point, Knorr, Braun, Head & Shoulders, 3com. Coors Bee, Heineken, etc.

TV/Radio Commercials

Mastercard (Champion’s league) TV, ad for, San Miguel Cerveza de Pasión cinema campaign. TV Carphone-Mobile phones-The Fone house-, V-Tech TV ad, Queen the Platinum Collection, Current TV Campaign of Dell Computers, Wall Street Journal Europe (radio), Ford cars (Eurosport), Addidas, Emerson Agenbolsa.com, PC City, Nike, Pete Tong’s Ibiza 99, Orange mobiles, Radio Italia Network, e-life (Internet), L’amour Virging records commercial for MTV Spain, Hits direct- Greatest hits of the 80s ad and “Chillout Moods ad for MTV, Iomega.com (radio) commercial, 3com, Smirnoff-clear as your conscience, “Casper amigos por el mundo”, The lost planet, (Play station) Bugs Bunny and Taz en “La espiral del tiempo”(Cartoon Network Spain), Sony DVD Home cinema for TCM Spain, Braun Silk epil, Nasdaq-broadcast on TV, Internet and radio-, Time Life TV ads “The Power of Love collection and Boleros, Canon EOS, Xbox Spain, Internet Google campaign, etc.

Worldwide TV and Cinema Ad for Rexona/Sure Men/Degree Men and English TV ad for “Fajitas El Paso”, Fiat (Fernando Alonso English), The Brink, Rage, Call of duty videogames etc etc.

Multimedia and playstation games

CD Rom games for Sony and Lego:  Spyro the dragoon 1,2 and 3, Star Wars (main character), TOCA racing cars game 1 and 2 commentator (Codemasters) Kurushy, Heretic 1 and 2, Point Blank, Syphon Filter (main character), Dracken, Rally Simulator, Grudge Warriors (five different characters), Colony Wars Red Sun (main character), Thomas and Tim cartoons (all characters), Prince Nassem Boxing game (commentator), Unreal XP, Tiny Tank (main character), Pac Man,

Crash Team Racing, Colin McRae Rally 2-commentator-, Might and Magic (14 different characters), Tombie, Driver 2 (Jones and Havana dock worker), The Grinch, The day of the Destroyer, WDL Thunder Tank, The Fakk 2, The Wings of Might &Magic, Rune kiss Paintball, Mechwarrior 4 (Ian), War-jezts, Crash Bandiccot 1,2,3&4, Shadowman, Fuzion Frenzy-main character and director of the game, The reign of fire, Blitz, Half life 1 & 2, excalectric, Medieval II, etc.



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