Jean-Baptiste's Profile


Jean-Baptiste can be very versatile in acting as well as in voice-over.

From sexy sophisticated to authoritative newsreader, from laid back to bright and breezy, his vocal range varies from teenager to over thirties.



Jean-Baptiste’s career as an actor started in 2007 by an extensive practice of classical theatre, playing the lead in numerous plays directed by Peter Joucla all arround Europe.

After touring Europe’s largest venues for two years, Jean-Baptiste decided to develop a voice-over as well as a presenting career including presenting the “French of the year award 2009” for the Uk Tv channel “Cinemoi”

2010 was the moment to start featuring in movies, often performing lead characters in numerous short films and three feature films.

Jean-Baptiste enjoys juggling between acting, voicing and presenting.

In only four years he had the chance to work on more than 200 jobs and recorded for brands such as:

Sony, Philipps, Google, Rosetta Stone, X-Box, FIFA, Paddypower, and Logitech (TV and online ads).

Jean-Baptiste has also voiced Tv documentaries for Renault Tv, True north and Saatchi and done the 2010 films announcement for Tv channel “Cinemoi”.

He acquired a wealth of corporate experience while recording scrores of videos.

He has recorded for many international companies such as Easy Jet, FIFA, Opel and many more.

He has taken part in many ADR sessions for feature films and voiced many characters in video-games.

Jean-baptiste also enjoys commentating live football games for the Sport broadcasting company “Perform”. (More than 100 games covered and counting).




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