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Art has been very busy in the "sound" industry and has added his voice to his numerous skills.


He has recently recorded for iMeet with us in his native Lithuanian here in London and can also do it without any technical problem from his professional studio in Lithuania.





Art, an established producer and remixer has worked on many successful projects for high profile Lithuanian and Russian pop and rock artists such as Skamp, Andrius Mamontovas, Pelenai, Antis, Nike Barzov, Biplan, Lakmus.  Under his own artist project’s Mix Pix and Cut & Play Art has claimed notable radio and chart success. Cut & Play have also written and produced their own album ‘City Life’ as well as remixing Alice Cooper’s ‘Brutal Planet’ which was included on Alice Coppers album “Dragon “Town”  (Spitfire Records USA).

Credits and Employment History

* 1997-1999 worked in promoters' company "Chorus" and "Geras Laikas".

* Appeared to Lithuanian audience with the project called MixPix, which was received with praise from Lithuanian radio, and performed successfully at local charts.

* 2002 Project Cut&Play remix for Alice Cooper "Brutal Planet"/album "Dragon Town" / Spitfire records.

* 2001 - 2006 producer, co-writer, mixer and remixer for many Lithuanian artists.

* 2001 remixed legendary Lithuanian rock star Andrius Mamontovas song "The Night (Naktis)". Hit first radio charts; number one for four weeks.

* 2002 produced album of Andrius Mamontovas "Oh, My Love (O meile)" that become the best album of the year and was the best selling album of the year. 

* The same year remix for one of the best Lithuanian artists Skamp for song "Celebrate" was nominated for best dance song of the year by the Worldwide Music Community "JUST PLAIN FOLKS" 2004 IN SANTA ANA / CALIFORNIA.

* 2005 remix for the band named Land song "You Take the Waters" that was number one in "ZIPFM" club music radio charts for a few weeks.

* 2006 worked for two super popular TV reality shows "Kelias i zvaigzdes" (LNK channel) and "Dangus" (TV3 - Lithuania channel).

* Produced an album for two winners - Jonas and Rasa - of TV3-Lithuania reality show "Dangus". Number one song "Sun is rising (Teka saule)" was in the best Lithuanian radio station's charts.

* 2006 formed new club music project CCCP with DJ Justin Xara. 

Original Productions


I Want Your Body  // Original, Art G & Justin Xara Electro Mix / Art G & Justin Xara Whispering Mix, Rhythm Code Remix // Innovate records

CCCP // Lie To You // Original / Art G & Justin Xara Breaks Mix / Andrew K remix // Wallop Records

CCCP // Rakety // Original / AN-2 Remix / Rui Da Silva // Remix Deeper Substance Records

CCCP // Cosmodrome Baikanur  // Original / Miss Jools & Audiofly aka. Sleeper Thief Remix // 64 Records

Art G & Justin Xara  // All The Answers // Original / Paul K remix  // Existence Digital

Art G //Belong to you // Original, Bumbaka Vocal Remix / Gustoforte Elektro Vocal Mix / Hexagon remix // Moove Records

Justin Xara & DJ Criminal // 5000KW // Original / OrtzRoka Remix / Tom Collingburn Remix // Deeper Substance Records

Art G & Justin Xara // September Rain // Original / PJ Davy Remix

// Existence records


Tony Estrada // Black Derby // CCCP Remix // Pure Substance Digital

Andrew K // Fade to grey // CCCP Remix // Babylon Records

Rui Da Silva // Amidar // CCCP Remix // 64 Records

Tim Davison // Beneath The Radar // Art G & Justin Xara Remix

// Pure Substance Records

Demi-D-Drive // Justin Xara Remix // Deeper Substance Records





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