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Hanna is a Mexican actor with a degree in Acting from the I.N.B.A and the Insituto Arte Escénico from which she graduated in 1998.


From an early age she worked in many professional repertory companies based in Mexico City with some of the most prestigious directors in Mexico.



Some of her classical parts include:

  • The wife and then Bride in Lorca’s ‘Blood Wedding’ directed by Manuel Castillo

  • Leonarda and ‘La Habladora’ in the Cervantes ‘Entremeses’

  • Juliet in Romeo and Juliet

  • Bernarda in ‘The house of Bernarda Alba ( her performance was highly acknowledged by I.N.B.A musical director Pedro Tudon)

  • Monsieur de la Coterie in the comedy of Arts transitional comedy ‘A curious mishap’ by Carlo Goldoni directed by Renato de la Riva

  • Avant-garde plays such as Zuzanca’s game by Milos Makourek and contemporary Mexican theatre such as Emilio Carballido’s ‘De la calle’.

  • She appeared in a short film ‘The Lovers’ by Sergio Neri shown in Loreto’s film house in Mexico City.

  •  Short TV apprearances in Mexico City.

  • Backing vocals for recordings by celebrated Kirtan singer Nikki Slade in the UK

  • She appeared in a fringe production in Richmond Surrey directed by Suzanne [update]

  • Is currently a co-presenter for the Latin radio station La M broadcast both in London and Madrid for the past 2 years

  • She recently did a voice over for feature film ‘Tea and Sangria’,director Peter Domankiewickz which was highly acclaimed at the Cannes Festival 2014 and premiered in London at the Cine Lumière in 2015.

  • Voice over commercial for Poker Stars 2014 and 2015

  • She has recently been invited to join The Spanish Theatre Company in London.



Hanna’s voice has a broad range in both tonality and dialect. She can bridge styles both classical and comedic ranging from ‘Juliet’ in Romeo and Juliet across to fictitious children’s characters.

Her voice is ageless and has been described at one end as being both soothing and calming as well as having a depth of power and authority which enables her to play beyond her age. Her natural voice is neutral Mexican actors voice and she can do perfect Spanish accent too.


In 2014 Leading Hollywood voice over artist Kurt Kelly spotted Hanna’s work on La M radio when he gave an interview live on air conducted by Hanna. He afterwards commented that Hanna’s English was so eloquent that he thought she was a UK native and that she had a first class voice and style which prompted him to invite her to LA for future prospects.


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