Mayumi's Profile

Mayumi K Japanese 2017 headshot




Bilingual Japanese/English (British RP)


Authentic Japanese, Standard English & Accented English



Young, intelligent, sweet, animated


Voice lends itself particularly well to cartoons/game/character/animation



With over 10 years of experience, Mayumi has an extensive list of voiceover credits

and has acquired a professional approach in servicing

the requirements of the entertainment industry.



From animation to broadcasting; good, clear delivery.                     

MayumiI has voiced numerous campaigns in both Japanese and English, in all the key areas of the broadcast industry, including corporate features, commercials, animations, feature films, audio books and digital media products.




Youth for change: young people tackling gender-based violence [voice-over]

Animin virtual pets [Character voice]

l  TV commercial, Candy Crush Saga [Japanese voice-over]

l  Channel 4 documentary, Japan’s War in Colour [Bilingual voice-over/narrator]

Relish Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection Promotion Video [Voice-over]

l  Tokyo Broadcasting Station (TBS channel). [Bilingual voice-over for the station jingle and English narration for news clips]



l  Sega, Total War: Shogun 2, Side UK Ltd. [Character voice of the Geisha, in both English and Japanese]

Nintendo Wii, My Dolphin [Character voice-over]


l  Voice of Angel Cat Sugar (from the creators of Hello Kitty), Interactive story book App [Character voice-over]

l  Scar Comics, Madam Samurai [Trailer voice-over/narration]

l  Voice of “Booby”, the corporate mascot of Kansai International Airport [Character voice-over]

l  Voice of “Desi doll”, ( [Bilingual CVO]


ELT/Educational recordings

Edexcel, GCSE Japanese Listening Exam [Bilingual Voice-over]

Target FCE, EFS Television Production Ltd [Bilingual Voice-over]

ELT, Macmillan English Campus [Bilingual Voice-over]

ELT, John Green TEFL Tapes [Bilingual Voice-over]

The Big Picture, EFS Television Production Ltd [Bilingual Voice-over]

New English File (3rd Ed.), Oxford University Press [Bilingual Voice-over]

English For Academic Purposes, Oxford University Press [Bilingual Voice-over]



l  Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation [System voice, medical laboratory equipment]

l  Avon [Voice-over, In-house Training Material]


Audio books

l  L. Frank Baum’s A Kidnapped Santa Claus [Narration & character voice]  



l  KBC Radio, Japan [Guest appearances]







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