Jane Austen's Mansfield Park


Fanny discovers how well Mr Crawford reads aloud and the narrator explains: “… but in Mr Crawford’s reading there was a variety of excellence beyond what she had ever met with. The King, the Queen, Buckingham, Wolsey, Cromwell, all were given in turn; for with the happiest knack, the happiest power of jumping and guessing, he could always alight at will on the best scene, or the best speeches of each; and whether it were dignity, or pride, or tenderness, or remorse, or whatever were to be expressed, he could do it with equal beauty.” And Lady Bertram also admires the speakers in no uncertain terms: “It was really like being at a play… You have a great turn for acting, I am sure Mr. Crawford.” The narrator describes the discussion between Edmund and Henry on the subject of reading aloud. “They talked over the common neglect of the qualification, the total inattention to it, in the ordinary school-system for boys, the consequently natural, yet in some instances almost unnatural, degree of ignorance and uncouthness of men, of sensible and well-informed men, when suddenly called to the necessity of reading aloud, which had fallen within their notice, giving instances of blunders, and failures with their secondary causes, the want of management of the voice, of proper modulation and emphasis, of foresight and judgement, all proceeding from the first cause; want of early attention and habit; …”


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