Translation services

We have over 30 years experience in the field of translation and "localisation", we started even before the word had been invented.

We know how to help you save money long term through good planning from the start. 

If your original material already exists, we can help you adapt it to many other markets all over the world.

We work with native translators and voices.

We have contacts in many countries and use local translators and voices when not available in the UK.

They are all very experienced and we have worked with them for many years.

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We know how to make the difference between

the "written" and the "spoken" language.

Translating for voice-overs

Translating Subtitles           

Our translators have very often a background in Radio and Television and use that knowledge to make the right choices when translating your audio-visual productions.

We also use our experience to write  subtitles when required, sometimes   having a voice-over for the narrator and subtitles for the vox-pops.                                      

Producing a voice-over translation


In order to achieve the best  results a time coded script presented in two columns with the original on one side and the translation on the other is the best layout for the voice in the studio. It also makes it easier for the reviewer to compare the original with the translation and make sure that the edited done by the translator/writer did not deviate from the message. Because English is a concise language, most translations have to be condenced to make sure they will fit he existing picture and avoid re-editing the script in the studio, which is a costly process.  

Producing a Spotting List 


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Joanna on the production of a spotting list. The original script is made into subtitles, taking into account the average speed of reading of the viewer as well as more technical aspects such as avoiding subtitles going accross picture cuts. The spotting list is normally slightly shorter than the original. In fact, the shorter it is the better it is for the translator and ultimately for the viewer. We can work into or from most languages via English.       

For more details about the making of a spotting list contact Joanna here

For more info about translating a voice-over script contact us here



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Daniel Pageon published a book on translating the "spoken" as opposed to the "written" word in 2007 entitled

The World of the Voice-over.


To know more about this book click here

Transferring subtitles to your media

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Once the new subtitles have been written and approved, they need to be converted to a medium where they can be seen. There are many options, and you may even need several formats for one project. They include:
- making a new video file with burnt-in subtitles (all major formats supported, from H264, WMV, etc. to ProRes and Avid DNx HD)
- a "kit of parts" for adding subtitles to Final Cut or Avid edit systems 
- DVD authoring with custom menus
- files for Blu-Ray authoring
- supplying subtitles as xml data for web applications. 

We work with Andy, an experienced video editor, to advise on formats and supply the files needed. He can also advise on converting other elements of your videos to different languages, for example name titles or graphics.

To contact Andy click here





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