Our singers are mostly multilingual and can be used to enhance your language learning productions for example or any other requirements you might have.


Our latest addition is Olivia Flenley who is bilingual in French and English. We have uploaded a Chanson she wrote herself.


Olivia has now uploaded another 3 songs in English this time!




To listen to any of our singers please click here or email us to enquire further

A Taste of Tasmania


The pandemic had a silver lining in so far as I could get the time to produce my documentary on our trip to Tasmania that we undertook back in 2014.

This video has an originally composed music track by Anthony Kimber McTiffen of AKM Music.

I hope you will enjoy it and make you forget the stress of lockdown for a little while!


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Video Compilation

We were asked to provide the translations and the voices as well as the recordings for a series of 4 short videos.

The original language is English and the localised versions are in Italian, French and German.


I have made a compilation of one of the videos, "Crop Insurance" for farmers in India.


Click on the thumbnail below to watch the video


Crop Insurance Thumbnail 13


Juliette Gréco


The well known French singer died on Wednesday night. She was loved by many generations of French people and also had a large following in this country.

It seems like yesterday, but it was 10 years ago that we saw her perform at the Royal Festival Hall in London, she was already very frail on that occasion but still full of life, spirit, emotions and humour. I was astonished by the number of young English fans in the audience.


I made a programme about her back in 1983 in my series on The French Troubadours.

You can listen to her and some other Chanteurs by clicking here



Daniel has been performing in a huge studio where the action was shot with a Steadicam.



It was a novel experience for him and everyone else involved, scores of men and women working together to make it happen. Dozens of extras having to discover as well what it meant to stick to timings that could not afford to be out by one single second!


There was high tension all the way through but mostly of a very constructive nature.


At the end of the first day shoot, there was such a sense of relief that many had difficulties stopping tears running out.


The director and Daniel hugged each other at the end and they admitting that they had ups and downs all day long, wondering if they were going to make it.


The feeling of achievement was overwhelming !


The following days were hard as well, but we knew that it was doable!


Click here to see the full production and behind the scene videos!

 After a week there had been just over 4 million views !



Now it's growing!


7,496,154 Views on YouTube on 26th June 2020




Production Team


BTS 1xBET |")">🔃 Lksrental ( )


Directed by Ivan Krasny ( @krasnyiivan )

Producer-Sergey Skabo (@sergei_skabo )

DOP-Andrey Nikolaev ( @kefirux ) ( )

Trinity - Maxim Orlov ( @orlovmovie )

Camera mechanic- Eugene Skvortsov ( @skvora007 )

Gaffer-Artem Antonov ( @gaffer_set )

The leader of the light mans -Egor Petrovsky (@egorych82)

VFX supervisor : @anchib88