Language Course Recordings

AWP was asked to provide the cast of 2 adults and 8 teenagers to record 3 French language courses for Collins in 2013 - 2014.

We took a few shots of our teenage team during the sessions


Group Photo 22nd March 14-0010-resized Group Photo 22nd March 14-0014-resized


Billie Jane getting her script ready-0158 Billie Jane-Jean-Baptiste-Matthew-0155 Billie Jane-Matthew-Agathe-Jean-Baptiste-0173 Mikael-0170

Billie Jane sorting out her script.

B J,Matthew, Mikael,

& Elliot

B J, Matthew, Agathe and J B

Mikael testing the talkback!

Have we got the right script-0175 Emmanuelle  Joanna-0171 Miam-0160 David Morrit-0159

Will: "Is that the right French?"

Emmanuelle and Jo 

"Where are their horses?"

Time for a break!

(It is a French course after all!)

David getting the drinks ready!


Agathe waiting

for the green light!