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We will put here links to articles of interest to linguists.

If you come accross something in the press that you wish to share or indeed if you have written an article about a language matter yourself

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Why are some country names preceded

by the definite article "The" and others not?

When I first arrived in this country, last millennium, I learned that the name of Lebanon was The Lebanon,

but I noticed in the last few years that the THE had been dropped so I finally looked it up

and found an interesting and comprehensive article on the BBC website.

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Why we should learn German


A must read weather you are a linguist or not, especially if you are not.

This article was published in the Observer on Sunday 2nd July and Karel Stary from the Czech Republic spotted it and sent me the link.


To read this informative and witty article click here



L'enfant bilingue - Ranka Bijeljac-Babic suivi de la puce à l'oreille


An interesting book has been published in France about a bilingual child.

I have not read it yet, but it has been highly recommended.


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Jostrans - The Journal of Specialised Translation, a collection of peer-reviewed articles, streamed interviews, and reviews.


It has been going on for over 10 years, but I only discovered it a few weeks ago when I was invited to give a talk at Rohampton University by Lucile Desblache who is the brain behind it.


All the past issues are available on that site and if you contemplate a life in translation you will learn a lot reading the articles and watching the videos.

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Deborah who translates into Chinese and does voice work for us has sent us a link about a faux pas made by the newly appointed US consul general in Hong Kong in September 2013.


To read the full article in the CHINAREALTIMEREPORT, click here



She then sent us another one about the difficult task the Chinese government has in teaching Mandarin to its own citizens. The Economist published Spread the word in its paper edition and then put it on the web.


To read the full text of Spread the word, click here