Some of our singers are multilinguals and sing in English and/or in other languages.


On this page you will be able to listen to them.



Jack Rebaldi

Jack Rebaldi Voice-Over - Cats London Live

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Senem Temiz's Profile

- Now or Never


Alexander Gaum

- City Parade Dance for Life

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Thomas Van der Spiegel

- In Flemish



Isabella Orlowska'Profile

- Don't Cry for me Argentina

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Christine Gelder's Profile

- Weit weit Weg in German

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Florian Hake's Profile

- Sternenhimmel

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Liza Michael

- Halleluja I just love him so

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William Ludwig's Profile

- German-French-English-Medley


Geraldine Cottalorda

- Où sont tous mes amants




Maya's Profile

Jude - George

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- Nada Soh-Soh Japanese

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Kilke John

- Medley


Kinue's Profile

- Singing the Rose in Japanese



Gina Hudson

- Was Soll Ich Nur Wollen

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