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We are inviting writers and actors to send us their short stories and we will try to publish them on this page.

Your short stories can be in any language and will be considered.

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Joe Herzfeld 1

Joe Herzfeld

The Tell-tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe.

Read by Joe Herzfeld


- The Tell-tale Heart Edgar Allan Poe

 Alison Daly-Bell Chris Baker Photographer 2008

Alison Bell by Chris Baker

The Lady of the Rock an original story by Alison Bell.

Read by Katherine Begley.

- Lady of the Rock by Alison Bell



Mr Friedmans Fireside Tales Adventures by Alison Bell

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 Mr Friedmans Fireside Tales Adventures 2 by Alison Bell

is now available.

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Alison Winter by Alan Weissman

Out of Water by Rachel Knightley, from "Spring: New Writing From Bath Spa" Sullis Press, 2005.

Read by Alison Winter


- Alison Winter from the novel by Rachel Knightley

Natasha Radski Headshot

Natasha Radski

Three Tales read by Natasha Radski in Russian

The Tale of the Priest and of His Workman Balda


- Natasha Radski-Balde

The Tale of the Golden Cockerel



- The Story of Golden Peacock


The man in black


- The man in Black

Susan Cummins in Bright Colours OnlySusan Cummins in

Bright Colours Only




 Four short stories by Rosemary Kennedy

read by Susan Cummins


The Motto

- The Motto-Short Story


The Scents of a Summer Morning

- The Scents of a Summer Morning-Short Story


The Painter

- The Painter-Short Story


Fionn McCool's Toe Nails come to Light

- Fionn McCoole toe nails come to light-Short Story






 Deborah Chan

Deborah Chan


My Prison Days written and read by Deborah Chan

The title says it all! Or does it?

A story written in Chinese and read in Mandarin.


- My Prison Days

Javier Fernandez Pena 08 10 050025c

Javier Fernandez-Peña

María Agustina vista desde arriba

written and read by Javier Fernandez-Pena


"This is the story of a young squirrel leaving behind her whole world in order to find a better life in a warmer land. She comes across what she’s looking for in Castellón, a city in eastern Spain, where she spends her happiest years surrounded by nice people, seeds and an extraordinary view that reminds her of London, her home city. Suddenly, the circumstances that took the squirrel there change. She is too old to move now, but she still has her hopes pinned on a group of young people."


- Jarvier Fernandez Pena-ardilla


 Emma Reade-Davies 2008 Colour EFEmma Reade-Davis

The Yellow Wallpaper

Written by Perkins Gilman

and read by actress Emma Reade-Davies

- Emma Reade-Davies The Yellow Wallpaper

Picture 046Time & Tide Theatre Company

performing Frightmare

Pic by Karla Gowlett



The Outsider

Written by H.P. Lovecraft adapted

by Time & Tide Theatre Company

Read by David Sayers 

Emma Reade-Davies

Louisa Chadderton


- The Outsider



Digby GPL

The Gun Powder Plot

Extract from Digby

Written by Roy Digby Thomas

and read by Dianne Thomas



- Dianne Thomas-short story

Margaret Sinclair:

The Untold Story

Read by Dianne Thomas

It will be broadcast on Television in numerous countries around the world from the end of October 2017.

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