The World of the Voice-over

Readers Comments



"I am reading your book and find it very practical (with a lot of hands on experience which is very interesting and useful). I am also practising my reading. I will see how I am getting on with it and hopefully at the beginning of next year I can get in touch with you to prepare my demo."

(Monika Pilatowska - Interpreter and Translator - 2012)

"I had the privilege to meet Daniel at an ITI conference and purchased his book. I have found it a thoroughly enjoyable read. It explores the ample and ever-changing world of the voice-over with honesty and great wisdom. The practical tips an breath of advice will inspire not only newcomers to this fascinating profession but those more experienced artists/talents. I am very happy to recommend it."

(Amparo Torregrosa - 2011)


“Daniel, its been a long time that I have been wanting to tell you about how I felt on reading ‘The world of Voice Overs’. I found it absolutely ‘unputdownable’.  You got me laughing, crying, sighing, nodding my head vigorously, shaking my head ruefully, kicking myself for falling into that particular pothole or taking a deep breath of relief for skirting it in time, or patting myself on the back for rising up to that particular challenge or make good in those very situations you so graphically illustrate.

What you have given us in ‘The World of Voice Overs’ literally justifies the title.  For those who are new to this field, you’ve opened up a whole new world to explore and given them a priceless gift the insider knowledge distilled from a lifetime of experience, a treasure trove so rich perhaps they may not even fully appreciate at the beginning. But give them some time in this field and they will be thanking their lucky stars for putting this book in their hands right at the start!  For those who have already dipped their toes in this very special world, you have got them wishing they had this in their hands when they first started out… oh the number of pitfalls they could have avoided, the successes they could have had, had they but come across your book earlier in their careers.

And apart from all the invaluable practical advice, I was just fascinated by the wealth of history you have given. You made it so interesting not just people hoping to make their mark in the field who would gain in real terms from imbibing the knowledge you have so generously imparted in this tome, but even my 91 year old father enjoyed reading about things that we call ‘history’ but for him were the ‘current’ exciting developments through the years of his lifetime.”

"But of all the work I have done, perhaps the most memorable, the most demanding and most satisfying  voice-over/translation assignment, was an unbroken three hour marathon of live voice- over at the screening of an Urdu feature film for the British Film Institute at a festival of South Asian films. The film was so old that subtitling was  technically not possible.  I was asked to translate into English and voice over the whole film - all the speech and provide commentary / narration where ever necessary.  At the festival screening, I sat in a booth with a microphone, and voiced  all the characters' dialogues and the poetry and the  lyrics and narration - which was streamed into individual headphones of the audience.  The only pauses were for the music and action and  scenes where just commentary would suffice.  (As you know, our  'Indian subcontinent' films are verbose to say the least - full of highly emotive dialogues with poetry and lyrics set to lilting music, not to mention melodrama on operatic scales!).  I particularly loved translating the poetry and lyrics of the songs into English, trying to  find equivalent albeit not the same rhythm and metre and poesy  of the Urdu and bring them to poetic life in English,  and then having the opportunity of voicing them 'live' in peoples' headphones as the actors emoted or danced on the screen.  It was an indescribable experience!"

(Nirupama Kotecha is a voice-over artist who records in English, Hindi and Gujarati. Her voice has been heard on many occasions on a number of television sations including the BBC, ITN and TV Asia where she was a presenter in the nineties. 2011)

"I would like to congratulate you for your fabulous book. It is the first material I find in the field of Audiovisual Translation written from the perspective of an experience professional and not an academic.

Let me just introduce myself. Carolina Artegiani told me about you and lent me your book. My name is Andrés García and I am a Spanish translator and subtitler. I just started my PhD in Audiovisual Translation and I am also developing an online module in subtitling for Imperial College, where I will definitely recommend your book.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and hope we can meet one day."

(Andrés García, PhD in Audiovisal Translation September 2010.)


"... so, you have been dying to gain an insight into the world of voice-over... well... help is at hand with this brilliantly accomplished book by Daniel Pageon. Daniel speaks directly to his audience in the book and his helpful tips and explanations will accompany you on your journey of questions. The book describes how to make the transition from a traditional translator to a translator of the spoken word, covers every angle of a voice-over professional, and gives a marvellously jolly insight into little and sometimes costly misunderstandings that ought to be avoided, in particular when dealing with foreign languages.

The book is truly inspiring, with many samples of anecdotal mishaps and it carries us through the world of translation, voice-over, dubbing, subtitling and any other skills that one might need to acquire to be successful. ...a great addition for anyone already in or just about to enter the world of voice over!" C. Bouquet 9th September 2009 (Multilingual Business Support)


"I've just finished reading The World of the Voice-Over - from cover to cover (except the chapter on building one's own studio). And a very enjoyable read it was! You really did cover every aspect of the job, and always with obvious hand-on experience.
Having done a fair amount of simultaneous interpreting and the odd voice-over in my time, both as a staff translator with NOS/NOB and more recently as an independent, or rather self-employed, person, I can say that this is the definitive book on the subject of voice-over, on an undisputed par with Jan Ivarsson & Mary Carroll's "Subtitling". Helene J.B. Reid, MITI

"I read the book myself and I was impressed by the details on a numbers of issues you discuss. I circulated the book among my colleagues here, ordered it for our library and recommended it to our MA students in media translation." (Zakia Deeb (Dr) Lecturer on Translation & English Language, Academy of Graduates Studies, Tripoli, Libya)


I would like to say that I have started to read it and find it very useful. Translations and voice-overs are nothing new to me but I still find that your book covers a wide range of subjects and therefore it is indeed very helpful. Anyone with an interest in this type of activity should read it. I will certainly be recommending it to other people. Joao Ferreira (Portuguese translator and voice over artist)

"One thing I very much like about the way it is written is, that you do talk about your own personal experiences with good humour and therefore I read something once and I remember it well.  I can't stand cyclopaedia-like books listing dry facts in a boring manner, they send me off to sleep." Milada Cogginsova (Czech translator and voice)


Daniel Pageon’s book gives a true insight into the world of voice-overs. It covers a wide variety of subjects, from studio etiquette to marketing, including advice on how to set up your own home recording studio. When I entered the voice-over business several years ago I read almost every book written on the subject and I have to say that Daniel’s book stands out in many respects. The book also covers the important link between voice-over and translation, which has been overseen by a majority of writers so far. Whether you are a translator wanting to became a voice-over artiste, already working in the industry or just interested in finding out how the voice you hear on radio, television or in films gets there, this book is for you. Daniel’s writing style reflects his lively personality and great sense of humour, making it a pleasure to read. Ernesto Leszek (Mexican actor)